No under 13s

Namaste Bae - Rob Van Vuuren at The Pottery, George

Thu Dec 21, 19:00 - Thu Dec 21, 21:00

Studio 42


After wildly successful national and international tours and winning the Gold Standard Bank Ovation Award at the National Arts Festival 2023, Namaste Bae: Blessings and Kombucha is coming to George!

A healing ceremony unlike any you’ve ever experienced brought to you by the new age satirical guru taking social media by storm. Some say he was born with a bottle of kombucha in one hand and a yoga mat in the other during a Vedic Shadow Planet eclipse. Some say he takes all the psychedelics so you don’t have to. Some say he is still looking for a ticket to Burning Man. Whatever they say, Namaste Bae is the guru you both need and deserve.

A self proclaimed oracle of the Mother Scoby, Namaste Bae will help you find yourself inside yourself and with the power of comedic catharsis he will help you give birth to a better version of yourself.

Namaste Bae is the globally viral brainchild of multi-award winning South African comedian and actor Rob van Vuuren, and will provide you with a night of healing hilarity and titillating transcendence you won’t forget!


Namaste Bae - Rob Van Vuuren at The Pottery, George
Studio 42
42 York St, George Central, George, 6530
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