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Anti-Fragility in can we be more resilient, and less precious?

Mon Jan 29, 18:30 - Mon Jan 29, 19:15

Event is online


Anti-fragility in Schools refers to creating an educational environment that thrives on adversity and uncertainty instead of merely surviving. Schools are the most complex, inter-generational, emotional spaces in society that have traditionally been built on a 'factory model’ of education. Staff, Parents and Children quickly spiral into a victim narrative when the world is not going their way and the energy can feel competitive and fragile.

In this presentation, Mandy will share high impact strategies to help staff be more like a tennis ball than a china tea cup! Encouraging experimentation, vulnerability and innovation. Antifragile schools promote flexibility in curriculum and teaching methods, empowering students, teachers (& parents!) to become adaptable, critical thinkers who can navigate an ever-changing world with confidence and creativity.

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