No under 13s

Painting in the park ~ The Mask!

Sun Dec 3, 09:00 - Sun Dec 3, 14:00

Pretoria Botanical gardens


Who are you?

Did you just define yourself by what you do for a living?

No, that is not what I mean!

Who are you?

Strip away your possessions, your titles, your job or what you want people to believe about you.

Who are you at your core?

What does your true self look like?

In this session, we will be painting our own masks. This will be an "experiential and self discovering art journey. Express yourself on a mask and let the personal growth occur organically.

In his book: The spiritual power of masks, Nigel Pennick wrote: "There is a spiritual power in masks that transports one into realms unseen and gives voice to things unspoken. Within the context of ritual, putting on a mask places the wearer at the intersection between the present and the past, the living and the dead, this world and the Otherworld. Unveiling the sacred power of masks, the author shows how masks allow us to transport into realms unseen, embody ancestors and otherworldly entities, and connect with traditions that stretch back to time immemorial.

Join us on Sunday 3 December 2023 in the Botanical gardens of Pretoria for a unique painting in the park event. Tickets are limited so get your ticket today!

This class will cost R380 and includes all of your materials. (However you are welcome to bring any decorative embellishments that you would like to add to your mask that can be applied with cold glue or staples!)

(Early bird tickets available for R280 so book today!)

We start at 09h00 and class will end at 14h00. See what to bring with below!

My name is Gideon Busquét-Craucamp (DiMAP.)

Aka "Gideonslight". I am a Certified *Creatively Fit Coach. I am excited to guide you to "Activate your Creative HeART" and rediscover childhood creativity and resilience, through playful expression at the canvas!

I make use of therapeutic art processes which demonstrates through participation that we are all naturally creative, resilient and capable of overcoming limiting beliefs which prevent us from living our best life!

The creative process as well as the canvas, is a metaphor for your life!

*Creative coaching is a form of life coaching that helps people develop their creative skills and work through any barriers holding them back in their life.

The canvas serves as the metaphor that helps you to identify limiting beliefs and / or attitudes that are counter productive to achieving your highest goals and ideals. The symbolism reminds us of our resilience and helps us identify areas that can improve when we apply it with mindful awareness.

Although painting is involved, no previous art experience or skills are required to participate in a class or to benefit from the insight that can be gained through this fun and creative experiential personal growth journey.

*This is an outdoor event experience and can be influenced by unexpected weather. Please note that no refunds will be given if the event gets interrupted by bad weather. Don't forget your umbrella! In this case of rain, I usually record the class content as a video that can be watched on my YouTube channel in order to complete the session.

** If for any reason you cancel 48 hours or less before the event, or don't show up, you won't be eligible for a refund as event supplies and costs have already been incurred.


Just a few reminders of what to bring with and where we will meet in the Botanical gardens.

NB: BRING Any embellishments or decorative materials that you want to add to your mask! please note: there is no electricity for hot glue guns, so bring adhesive tape) Glue and staples will be provided but having your own will just make it easier.

1. R55 entrance at Botanical Gardens (card payment only!) Gates open from 08h00.

2. Bring an old towel to prop up your canvas, or if you have your own portable field, easil, please bring it along! We don't have easils for everyone yet!

3. Dress comfortably with clothing you don't mind getting paint on!

4. A pen

5. A jacket (morning air is fresh and wind can be cold)

6. A picnic blanket & pillow, or a camping chair, if you prefer not to sit on the ground.

7. A Hat.

8. Sunblock.

9. Umbrella in case of rain!

10. Picnic lunch and refreshments or lunch money for the restaurant (please note the class won't be put on hold if you go for lunch at the restaurant! )

We will meet at the information board just inside the garden at 08h45 sharp so we can be settled at our spot in the garden to start at 09h00! Please don't be late! The event will begin to wrap up around 14h00! 


Painting in the park ~ The Mask!
Pretoria Botanical gardens
2 Cussonia Street, Brummeria, Pretoria, 0184
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