Neuroscience in Leadership

Fri Dec 8, 08:30 - Fri Dec 8, 11:00

Event is online


This 3-session online leadership development series is tailored for middle and senior managers who frequently navigate challenging conversations, handle elevated stress levels, and oversee teams.

To excel in these roles, participants must possess a deep understanding of themselves, the ability to effectively manage stress and emotions, the skill to empathetically perceive others' perspectives and the creativity to solve complex problems. This course equips them with the essential tools to foster personal growth and successfully lead and manage their teams.

The sessions are sold separately to allow you to tailor your training package according to your needs. However, attending all three workshops is highly recommended. Each workshop is 2.5 hours.

"The Power of Perspective Taking in Leadership" is a transformative workshop tailored for leaders seeking to harness the strength of diverse viewpoints. This hands-on course guides participants through a four-step process, equipping them with practical tools to integrate multiple perspectives and overcome implicit biases. Ideal for leaders across industries committed to fostering inclusive cultures and making more informed decisions through a nuanced understanding of their team's diverse viewpoints.

"Creativity and Problem Solving" is a dynamic workshop designed for leaders aspiring to unleash their creative potential and elevate problem-solving skills. Delve into the conceptual foundations of creativity, explore its applications in leadership, and gain diverse perspectives on effective problem-solving strategies. This course is tailored for leaders across industries aiming to foster a culture of innovation and master the art of creative problem-solving in their professional roles.

"Stress Management and Self-Awareness" is a comprehensive workshop for individuals seeking to understand and navigate the physiological and psychological dimensions of stress. Participants will explore evidence-based stress management strategies, delve into the realms of Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness, and learn practical mindfulness and relaxation techniques. This course is tailored for anyone looking to enhance their well-being, build resilience, and cultivate a deeper understanding of stress in both personal and professional contexts.