Masterclass: Property Investing for Beginners

Tue Nov 21, 19:00 - Tue Nov 21, 20:30



It's no secret that one of the best ways to build wealth and attain financial freedom is through property investing. However, getting started on the property investing journey without guidance and wisdom can result in some costly mistakes.

This Masterclass is for you if:

  • You one day hope to buy a property for yourself
  • If you are thinking about becoming a property investor and making a rental income
  • If you have already entered the property market, made some mistakes in the process and would like to learn how to course correct

This is what you can expect from the masterclass:

  1. The property market
  2. How to build a property portfolio
  3. How to fund your property
  4. How to evaluate property deals
  5. Some key pitfalls you should avoid.

VIP members will also have an opportunity to engage in a live Q&A at the end of the session!