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The Last Shark Documentary Screening At The Hermanus Auditorium

Tue Nov 21, 18:00 - Tue Nov 21, 21:00

The Hermanus Auditorium


Join us at the Hermanus Auditorium for a free screening of The Last Shark Doc!

This eye-opening documentary explores the disappearance of great white sharks off South Africa's coast and the ongoing use of shark culling nets in Kwazulu-Natal. These nets tragically claim the lives of at least 20 to 30 of these critically endangered creatures every year, as well as hundreds of lives of other species. It's astonishing that, despite being the first country to grant them legal protection in 1991, this continues.

This documentary’s mission is to change how people perceive sharks, to shed light on their rapidly declining population, and to advocate for a shift in government policies. We are pushing for the replacement of shark culling nets with alternative technologies that can safeguard both sharks and humans. 

Considering the global Great White shark population hovers between 3,000 - 5,000 it is a pressing issue, and the time for action is now.

We extend a warm invitation to join us for this free screening and have the opportunity to engage in a meaningful conversation and discussion with the director and producer of the documentary along with like-minded individuals. This is a chance to learn more about this crucial topic and discuss the significance of sharks in our ecosystem.

Special thank you to our sponsors, Southern Right, who will be providing free wine for this event and lively discussion after.

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