HR Leadership Summit: Lessons for Success with Wamly

Tue Dec 5, 18:00 - Tue Dec 5, 20:30

The Tryst


You've heard the saying, "It's not just what you know, but who you know." Well, prepare to leverage both at Wamly’s HR Leadership Summit!

Immerse yourself in a network of 200+ HR professionals, where you can craft invaluable connections that will light up your career path. 

Brace yourself for an infusion of inspiration from South Africa's top HR executives as they unveil the latest game-changing strategies set to catapult you into the future.

Get ready for an evening of pure magic, where we'll be unveiling groundbreaking insights into talent acquisition, ensuring you end the year on an exhilarating high!

What's included when you join us on December 5th:

  • Enjoy complimentary food and drinks 
  • Network with over 200 outstanding HR professionals
  • Gain invaluable tips and tricks from top HR leaders in South Africa to supercharge your recruitment process
  • Discover how leading organisations are using technology to revolutionise talent acquisition, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve
  • Receive a photo album from our professional photographers to share on LinkedIn
  • Win exciting prizes

Invite your colleagues and create memorable experiences together. Don't miss this opportunity to set yourself up for success.


Located in the heart of Woodmead, Sandton, The Tryst is a magnificent event venue that has consistently been a favourite of ours at Wamly. It's not just a venue; it's where sparks of innovation ignite. The Tryst serves as a dynamic hub, welcoming companies, teams, trailblazers, rule-breakers, and visionaries to host their live (and streamed) events.

Join us for an illuminating evening at this captivating venue, offering delectable cuisine that tantalises the taste buds and an amazing bar to quench your thirst for inspiration. 

Address: Woodlands Office Park, Woodlands Dr, Woodmead, Sandton, 2080.

What's more, The Tryst is committed to inclusivity, with wheelchair-friendly access for all. You'll also find secure on-site parking, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for all our guests.


Wamly offers cutting-edge one-way video interview software trusted by thousands of companies worldwide to streamline their screening processes. Our unwavering mission is to help organisations make smarter, quicker hires.

With Wamly, we show you the way to secure top talent in less than half the time it used to take. No more need to be in the same room with your team to evaluate and discuss candidates. You can easily conduct all your screening and selection activities online, at your convenience.


HR Leadership Summit: Lessons for Success with Wamly
The Tryst
Woodlands Office Park Next to the GYM, Woodlands, Sandton, 2080, South Africa
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