No under 13s

The Old Man Who Thought He Had a Dog

Sun Nov 12, 13:00 - Tue Nov 14, 20:00



Embark on a hilariously absurd train odyssey with a curmudgeonly old man, bound to break free from his melancholic monotony. Or perhaps consult his ever-perceptive canine companion. Encounter a captivating cast of peculiar yet strangely familiar individuals, from the enigmatic French conductor to the alluring prostitute. In this liminal realm, memories, dreams, desires, and haunting shadows converge, offering a chance to breathe life into what was lost. Prepare for a journey brimming with laughter, introspection, and the extraordinary.

Winner of the 2023 Première Teaterfees for Best Production, Best Script, Best Directing and Best Lead Actor; with nominations for Best Lead Actress, Best Technical Design and Execution and Best Ensemble.

With: Merwe van Gent, Angelique Filter

Director: Angelique Filter in collaboration with Jeanne-Marié Koekemoer and Merwe van Gent

Writer: Angelique Filter

Set and Lighting Design: Angelique Filter in collaboratin with Jeanne-Marié Koekemoer and Merwe van Gent

Costumes: Angelique Filter, Jeanne-Marié Koekemoer

Sound Design: Angelique Filter 

Stage Manager: Jeanne-Marié Koekemoer

Marketing Manager and Stagehand: Chrizelle Strydom



The Old Man Who Thought He Had a Dog
55 Shortmarket St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000
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