Family friendly

Modern Parenting (Re)Boot Camp

Mon Feb 5, 00:15 - Wed Feb 28, 22:30



You are an AWESOME parent! Doing the very best that you can for your children. But every day is a new day in the life of a modern parent.

Even awesome OFFLINE parents need support in taking that awesomeness through into the ONLINE world!

So that's why we're hosting a 4-week Modern Parenting (Re)Boot Camp, to provide real tools and solutions, and to give you the space, to explore your unique frustrations and challenges about being a parent straddling the offline and online worlds.

Your ticket allows your child's co-parents, guardians and even au pairs to log-in!

Modern parenting is a LOT, and it often feels overwhelming. So why not tackle it together?


If you're ready for an empowering perspective shift, join us for this 4-week journey which will give you: 

Knowledge: access key resources and tools to manage your children on their devices 

Confidence: be your child's best parent rather than their best friend 

Support: share and solve your challenges and frustration in weekly 1 hour online group session

Peace of mind: reduce your anxiety around tech use (or misuse!)

Joy: get your precious family time back!

What will it entail?

In the first week Kate and Mandy will help parents understand WHY boundaries and consequences for our tweens and teens are so vital, and the important role we play in instilling those boundaries in a modern day context. Part of the session will also be looking into tween and teen development, helping us parents understand the developing brain, as well as how tech impacts the prefrontal cortex (and why boundaries are so important.)

Week 2 will be a more practical session where Kate and Mandy will show us how to set those boundaries - both online and offline. We'll be looking at HOW we set tech boundaries, find that 'screen time balance' as a family, and develop family habits that are true to our family values.


Week 3 probably arrives at just the right time, as the team equip us with the skills and resources to actually maintain the boundaries that we've started to put in place since the beginning of the bootcamp. We'll also be looking at parental controls as well as advice on how to manage playdates and sleepovers for our digital natives.

In our final week we'll be addressing how to actually implement the consequences that make up a key part of this framework. We'll also share advice on how and when to unplug your kids, device detoxes, managing addictions and when (and where), if ever necessary, to seek help.

Each session will offer plenty of opportunities for parents and caregivers to ask questions and engage with our hosts. You will also be given homework to implement between each week so that we make sure that after the 4 week bootcamp you come away with both the confidence AND some of the work having been done in order to keep your kids safer and saner on and offline...

Each week, we'll send you a thought-provoking resource pack that will be the platform for a juicy convo every Tuesday evening for the month of February. Bring your unique challenges and questions, get the clarity and understanding you need and learn from others doing the same thing. Limited spots ensure that you'll be part of a small, supportive group that will be a part of your journey of identifying the key online challenges for your family, and the steps you need to take to solve them!

Join International Conscious Discipline® Certified Instructor and Connection Coach, Mandy Herold, Online Safety Expert and Mom on a Mission, Kate Farina and Jude Foulston from Future Smart Parent - for our Modern Parenting (Re)Boot Camp, in February 2024.

Dates: Tuesday evenings, 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th February 2024.

Time: 7:30pm to 8:30pm

Venue: Online

Mandy Herold is passionate about supporting parents, teachers and schools on their journey to develop safe, connected and problem solving environments for children to thrive. With more than 20 years of experience working in Independent schools, and the first international Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor in Africa she shares skills to tackle everyday parenting challenges with the grace and enthusiasm us parents need..

As a mother of two, Kate Farina has experienced first–hand the challenges of educating, connecting and protecting her family in this digital world. She’s a “mum on a mission”, exploring, analysing and testing practical solutions to make online parenting easier and simpler, bringing all these tips and resources together for other like-minded parents.

Jude Foulston uses her experience working with a team of futurists to define the new set of skills needed for the future, and shares this with other parents looking to parent a little differently but intentionally, to prepare their kids for a changing world.