Surviving T(w)een Social Dynamics

Thu Nov 2, 19:30 - Thu Nov 2, 20:30

Event is online


Surviving T(w)een Social Dynamics: Practical Solutions for Parents and T(w)eens

This webinar focuses on unveiling what's truly happening behind closed doors, on devices, and in bedrooms. In the age of social media, teen social dynamics have taken on a whole new dimension. One day, the ride is smooth; the next, it's a rollercoaster of ups and downs, moods and madness.

We know how heart-wrenching it can be to watch the drama unfold. From feeling included to suddenly excluded, isolated, and then inexplicably re-embraced, the tween world is hard to fathom! Add social media to the mix, and it becomes a minefield. At KLIKD, we're here to help!

Join clinical psychologist and Co-founder of Klikd, Pam Tudin, to discover the real impact of Instagram, Snapchat, and gaming on tween relationships. More importantly, find ways to help your child manage the dynamics that accompany it all. This webinar provides practical solutions to combat exclusion, bullying, sexting requests, and the endless selfie obsession. 

You'll leave equipped to intervene when necessary and empower your child to conquer the ride alone when possible. If you want your teen to not just survive but thrive on their journey, buckle up and join us!