Real Life MBA: Lite Edition

Thu Mar 9, 18:00 - Thu Mar 9, 21:30
Astrotech Conference Centre
In 2017, the skills required by employees to keep a business growing will change exponentially. Thanks to technology, the world is changing at a pace we’ve never experienced before in recorded history. And the pace is only going to get faster!

At the same time, the methods and techniques that companies are using to train their staff haven’t really changed very much over the last few years. We still attend the same type of conferences and workshops hoping to close a skills gap that is ever widening.

Suits & Sneakers has been developing an “always on” learning mentality for just under two years as a result of the way the world is changing. Our idea centers around learning that happens in small doses every day instead of massive learning spikes every so often.

As a result, we have launched the pilot of a new learning series called “Real Life MBA” where a conference is just the starting point but the learning continues long after you’ve left the event on the day.

Most conferences require you to watch one speaker after another. The “Real Life MBA” has several speakers presenting their talk in different rooms at the same time per session.

It’s up to you to decide which one of the speakers you watch LIVE in that session but either way, all the talks are recorded and placed online after the event which means you never miss a talk. This allows you to pick which topics are most important to watch LIVE based on the needs of your business. In other words, you create your own curriculum!

After the event, we work with your company to create a project that must be completed by your staff. The project is based on watching several LIVE talks and then watching the remainder of the talks online after the event. The learning is based over several weeks instead of one day!

- Ran Neu-Ner
- John Sanei
- Allon Raiz
- Rich Mulholland
- Steve Cohen
- Nic Harry
- Dinesh Patel
- Sean McKenna
- Tiffany Markman
- Samke Mhlongo-Ngwenya
- Brad Shorkend
- Peter du Toit
- Steve Pinto
- Martin Kruger
- Claire van Wyk
- Abed Tau

There are 4 time slots on the night: 18:30, 19:00, a short break, 19:45 and 20:15. Each talk is 20min and there is 10min to change over. 

There are also 4 rooms with a different speaker in each room at each time slot. So our guests have to choose which one of the 4 talks they're going to at each time slot. 

Each talk is recorded so even though a guest can only watch 4 out of the 16 talks on the night, they get to watch the others online after the event through our online university!

We have asked all our speakers to create content based on the following themes:

- Leadership
- Entreprenership
- Future of Marketing/Advertising/Sales
- Innovation/Future Technologies
- Abstract (Health/Wellness, Politics, Music, Art, etc.)
There will be a total of 16 speakers that you can choose to see LIVE on the night:

1. Ran Neu-Ner: Co-founder of The Creative Counsel which recently sold for around R1.5 billion rand. Ran is also a serial entrepreneur and investor. 

2. John Sanei: Trend specialist, business strategist, global public speaker and entrepreneur. John is a Suits & Sneakers fan favourite.

3. Allon Raiz: Founder of Raizcorp – Africa’s most successful and established for-profit business incubator. Raizcorp is currently involved with more than 500 businesses.

4. Rich Mulholland: Founder of Missing Link which “has been making companies’ presentations suck less for 19 years”. Rich has also spoken in more than 15 countries around the world.

5. Steve Cohen: Co-founder of Softline Pastel which was later acquired by the Sage Group. Steve was also the MD for many years and even helped the company list.

6. Nicholas Haralambous: Founder of and former co-founder and CEO of Motribe before the company was acquired by Mxit in 2012.

7. Dinesh Patel: Founder of OrderIn – An online food delivery service. Dinesh worked at Deloitte New York and then later at Goldman Sachs in New York.

8. Sean McKenna: Founder of Channel Dynamix – A specialist marketing organization. Sean has set up various channels for term based Consumer-Contract-Services in the South African Channel Sales arena.

9. Abed Tau: Co-founder of Thamani Financial Services and Tuta-Me (the Uber for tutoring). Abed is a chartered accountant who won a bursary from Deloitte and completed his articles there before leaving to start his entrepreneurial journey.

10. Tiffany Markman: Founder of Tiffany Markman Copywriting, Tiffany is a a loud, proud word nerd and strong proponent of correctly placed apostrophes. Tiffany is also an author on life skills, career guidance, emotional intelligence, social services and democracy for young people.

11. Brad Shorkend: Founder of Urban Everest. Brad is an agitator, thought provoker, executive and business wingman, high performance junkie, leader, entrepreneur, innovator and curiosity bad-ass. 

12. Samke Mhlongo-Ngwenya: Founder of Just Samke – A finance and personal development brand that aims to educate, entertain and empower its audience.

13. Peter du Toit: Founder of FutureWork IQ – A consulting agency which helps companies future-proof their business. Peter is the consummate researcher!

14. Dr. Martin Kruger: Founder of Spine Clinic – Martin is a chiropractor who is obsessed with optimising the human function using only natural means.

15. Steve Pinto: A technically gifted software developer who became a serial entrepreneur. Steve has too many ventures to list which makes him one of the most interesting people on this list to listen to.

16. Claire van Wyk: Recognized as a Top 10 Discovery Financial Consultant who is a recipient of the Discovery CEO award for both Discovery Health and Discovery Vitality.


Real Life MBA: Lite Edition
Astrotech Conference Centre
Anerley Rd, Johannesburg, 2193, South Africa
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