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The Sound Garden presents – CHAKRAFLOW (facilitated by Karen Justine & AURIS.)

Fri Dec 1, 19:00 - Fri Dec 1, 22:00

The Sound Garden


The Sound Garden presents – CHAKRAFLOW (facilitated by Karen Justine & AURIS.)

6pm: Doors open – We welcome you to come and settle into The Sound Garden for an unforgettable journey where your senses will bloom alongside the surrounding flora. Come and discover this extraordinary sanctuary, where nature and the arts dance in harmony, inviting you to find your own rhythm in the embrace of tranquillity.

7pm: Cacao Heart Bliss Ceremony - with Karen Justine.

Karen Justine embraces the profound connection between movement and self-discovery. As an Intuitive facilitator, she guides participants in exploring their inner and outer worlds through physical somatic movement and guided presencing using the power of the present moment. Music becomes our medium, unlocking the medicine within each participant. With an informal, open-minded approach, a safe space is created for connection and transformation.

** More on our Heart Bliss Balls below

8-9:30pm: Chakraflow –Free flow deep and melodic house with Karen Justine & AURIS

Brace yourself for an electrifying fusion of tones and rhythms that will ignite your soul and synchronize with the cosmic dance of the universe. Feel the power of deep house beats and pulsating rhythms as they merge effortlessly with your every intention, aspiration, and emotion.

Both Karen Justine & Auris are known for their deepened sound journey experiences, this event is more than just music – it's a sacred sanctuary where you can explore the depths of human existence. Prepare to unlock emotions you never knew existed, find healing and energy, and find solace in the art of emotional release. Karen Justine & DJ AURIS, with each beat and vibration, skillfully guide you toward a profound connection with your spiritual essence. So get ready to surrender yourself to the divine rhythm and let your spirit soar to new heights!

9:30 – 10pm Closing ceremony

BOOK NOW , Limited to 55 tickets only.

**Flow of the evening may vary with numbers attending.

We look forward to a beautiful journey with you all.



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Ticket sales via QUICKET exclusively, Ticket Sales close by 3 Nov at 5pm unless otherwise arranged with the venue.

** More on our Heart Bliss Balls, they combine the nutritious goodness of Cacao, Sceletium Extract and Rose Geranium Oil into a delicious and healthy bite sized snack.

Infused with pure organic Sceletium extract! For an uplifting and sensational experience.

Benefits include:?

  • Decreased Anxiety
  • Heart Opening
  • Increased Cognition
  • Emotional well being
  • Stress reduction


  • Raw Cacao Powder*, Dates*, Raisins*, Macadamia & Cashew Nuts, Vanilla Powder*, Raw Cacao Nibs*, CPTG Rose Geranium Oil*, 5.5mg Sceletium Extract*, Oryx Desert Salt*. *Organic

DISCLAIMER: * *Weather Dependant, the venue is partially covered in a garden, should there be high winds or rain the event will be postponed or refunds will be issued.


The Sound Garden presents – CHAKRAFLOW (facilitated by Karen Justine & AURIS.)
The Sound Garden
Kommetjie Rd, Kommetjie, Cape Town, 7975
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