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RELATIONSHIPS: Calming The Storm of Your Happiness, Health & Wealth

Fri Oct 6, 15:00 - Fri Oct 6, 18:00

Workshop 17


Note: This seminar is 100% money back guaranteed. If you did not LOVE it, by the end of the seminar you will get your money back in cash there and then. Zero risk for you.

What makes us happy, healthy and wealthy?

In 1938, a Harvard research study began that carried on over 85 years to this day and involved everyone from US presidents to the common person on the street from all over the world. The study had one mission: find us what makes us happy, healthy and wealthy?

Health records from the 724 participants, along with detailed questions were asked every 2 years.

The results are not what you might think... happiness does not come from career achievement, money, exercise or a healthy diet.

The most consistent finding the Harvard study found over 85 years is that POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS keep us healthier, happier, and help us live longer lives. No other common denominator!


With business partners, spouses, friends, family or even with their body!

In this live seminar, which usually costs R2,790 per person, we will be handling the source (and it is not what you think) for your relationships, and applying it so it translates to INCOME.

Meir Ezra is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur that helps businesses across the globe improve their lives and income - guaranteed. Known as the most expensive business coach, it is an honor to have him available for you at the most affordable price ever offered.

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RELATIONSHIPS: Calming The Storm of Your Happiness, Health & Wealth
Workshop 17
V&A Waterfront, 17 Dock Rd, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town, 8002
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