Fri Dec 1, 12:00 - Sun Dec 3, 15:00

Steenbokfontein Farm







What’s it?

A micro music festival with camping accommodation at the venue and a Weskus potjie meal included in the ticket price

Where’s it?

At the Quarry Oppie Koppie on Steenbokfontein Farm, West Coast

When’s it?

1-3 December

Friday & Saturday Shifty Concerts

Sunday Chill

Who’s playing?

- Koos Kombuis

- Hanepoot Brass Band

- Mac McKenzie & Hilton Schilder 

- Simba Morri & Josh Hawkes

- The Kalahari Surfer

- The Porchlights

- The Vermaaklikheid Bakkery Orkes

- The Shifty All-Stars

+ The inimitable Robbie Thorpe, MC, who will regale with Shifty stories.

 …and that’s just Saturday. 

On the Friday bask in the mellow glow of The Porchlights, other assorted instrumental friends, and Warrick Sony spinning fresh Shifty remixes and more into the (hopefully) sultry and windless Weskus night.

Tell me more

The ticket price of R1500 includes 2 nights camping at Steenbokfontein plus a mighty Saturday night potjie lamb and veg meal by the Weskus Wonder Heidi van Alledingen. You bring en braai for the Friday night, you surf and turf on your own for Saturday, then you tuck in for an unforgettable lamb and veg potjie meal on Saturday evening before the concert hots up. 

Accommodation options are camping at the venue (veeery basic), another campsite on the farm (2km) away, the Malkoppan caravan park (4km, opposite Muisbosskerm), and for the faint hearted, plenty of rooms for rent in Lamberts Bay (9km).

It could be hotazhel, but also cold like ice, so bring a hat, desert boots or veldskoene, and a warm jacket in case the weskus wind waais.

This is a radical self-reliant weekend. Bring your own food, drink and water & bandages for those emergency itches. 

There is a potjiekos meal on Saturday night, and there will be a fabulous cash bar, met eish, and braai fires for Friday night. Bring enough water for at least 2 litres per person per day. 

Also, you ‘leave no trace’.

Why should you go?

Because you’ll feel shifty all weekend if you don’t participate in this unique & intimate event.

How much fun can you have in one weekend?

So much! There’s surfing, swimming, camping, cycling, hiking, fishing, weskus brekfis, train spotting, braaiing, potjie, rock art viewing, kuiering, DJs, a bar, and lekker live music in the quarry oppie koppie.

There will be a bar and commemorative merchandise. All profits go the artists

Only 120 people max.

Make sure you’re one of them!

It might get Lloyder!

From humble beginnings in a backyard caravan on the Highveld, the obsessive recording artist Lloyd Ross drew a stable of talented musicians eager to access his burgeoning production skills. The Shifty line-up grew to include some of the country’s more remarkable talents. Now, 40 years down the line, some of those musicians will play live at a weekend concert at famous surf spot Farmer Burger’s on the West Coast, home to san rock art and hunter gatherer mega middens.

Some background noise!

I sat next to Lloyd ‘Shifty’ Ross recently at a Brass Band benefit concert I’d organised. It was hard to hear his answer when I asked him what he was up to. So, always up for a party, I shouted back at him, YOU’RE A LEGEND, MAN - LET’S HAVE A CONCERT TO CELEBRATE YOU! 

So here we are, poised to inhabit the Weskus Quarry at Steenbokfontein for a weekend of fabulousness, celebrating all that is Shifty, because Lloyd reckoned that seeing it’s kinda Shifty Records 40th birthday, that would be a fine reason to party. Glen and Zoe Wolter, Craig Tyson and I are the mighty organising committee, and even Charles Thesen has offered to help with the bar. With an eclectic roll call of Shifty legends set to perform, plus some other fine musicians and DJs, it’s going to be a blast - a chance to pay back and reflect with joy on all that Shifty did for local music in the dark days and beyond. 

So kom kamp saam and let’s celebrate music, life & love together. The line-up is fab, the venue dramaties and the vibe will be warm & intimate. Because Farmer Burger is not keen on hungry hordes flattening his farm, attendance will be limited to 120. This means tickets will be a little dear, but rest assured if there’s excess cash after costs, even from Charles’s self-raising bar, it goes to the musicians, who are generously performing for love and the good ole times. - Mark Thomas

A Special Wreckording for our Faraway Friends... 

For those who feel left out or can't make it for some ungodly reason but would like to be there in Shifty spirit and support our musicians - you can partake via an audio recording of the concert. Click TICKETS to donate R250 towards the cause and those costs. If you do buy a ticket to the festival the link is free.

There are Rules? 

These are … THE RULES

1. LOOK OUT FOR THE MIGHTY TRAIN. It’s the 2nd longest in the world & it doesn’t stop for you – you stop for it. And wait. It has 660 wagons spanning 7km. It operates twice a day and once at night - when you least expect it to 

2. DON’T BRING YOUR OWN DRINKS TO THE BAR. Profits go the artists

3. STICK TO THE ROADS Follow the signs to the venue & do not drive anywhere into the farmlands 

 4. BE CAREFUL. We’re in nature, there can be natural hazards like bees and flying lizards so bring some bandages and ointments for the itches that scratches

5. KEEP IT CLEAN. We're lucky to have the Steenbokfontein farm as our venue and the Quarry as the incredible backdrop for the performances. We want to leave the venue in the same condition we found it, so please use the bins, hold onto your stompies, and clean up after you



About Steenbokfontein

Read more about the venue here!


See you there!

Love, Shifty and friends

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