Understanding Family Dynamics - FREE WEBINAR

Tue Dec 6, 20:00 - Tue Dec 6, 21:00


The holiday season is upon us, and with all that comes the inevitable family tensions and dramas. We all live fast-paced and mostly disconnected lives, but come Christmas, we find ourselves in unnaturally confined environments with our families and tend to revert to the traditional role that you've always taken up: taking care of everyone, the organizer or the peace-keeper. The person that has been getting on your nerves for years is still grating you the wrong way, and the person who never seems to be doing anything is again sitting patiently waiting to be served.

Christmas can be a magical time with family, but it can also be a time of intense stress and biting your tongue.

Join me for this FREE webinar and learn how to not only cope with the various personalities in your family, but also get to understand why that dynamic is essential. Let me give you tools to successfully navigate the Festive Season.

I look forward to learning about your family dynamics on the 06th of December!
Ann x

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