No under 13s

Muslimah Today 10th Anniversary Conference

Sun Nov 5, 08:00 - Sun Nov 5, 18:30

NMJ Islamic Centre




• Dr Nazia Iram Osman

Topic: Mastering emotions: how to not blow a fuse 

• Dr Quraysha Ismail Sooliman 

Topic 1: Take back your life: what being a Muslim truly means 

Topic 2: Let's walk the journey: preparing for the next life 

• Fazila Chiwele 

Topic: Fostering a spirit of sisterhood within our community 

• Haafidh Fuzail Soofie 

Topic: Pink Barbie or rainbow Barbie: what’s the pronoun?

• Maulana Khalil Hendricks 

Topic: Navigating parenting in a rapidly changing world 

• Sumaya Badat 

Topic: Through the haze of addiction: supporting a spouse in recovery 

• Ustaadhah Radia Bawa Hendricks 

Topic 1: Verily with difficulty comes ease 

Topic 2: Harnessing tawakkul through connecting with the beautiful names of Allah 

Muslimah Today is a unique event hosted annually in Durban by ILM for Women, a branch of ILM-SA (Institute for Learning and Motivation - South Africa).

The event features a range of mainly women (and occasionally male) speakers from around the country - these include Islamic Studies teachers, academics, activists, da'wah workers, professionals, businesswomen, etc. who have knowledge, inspiration or experiences to share.

Muslimah Today is a platform which brings today women of all ages and from all walks of life - diverse in their cultural, ideological and economic backgrounds. In fact it is not uncommon for women from other faith groups to attend, and over the years, some women have converted to Islam at the event.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Muslimah Today, and to celebrate this, we have invited some of the more popular speakers from previous years to participate, as well as reduced the entry free and moved to a much bigger, more spacious venue.


Muslimah Today 10th Anniversary Conference
NMJ Islamic Centre
Mountain View Ave, Morningside, Berea
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