#TechTalkCPT: Emerging Technologies & The Future of Marketing

Wed Feb 8, 18:00 - Wed Feb 8, 20:00


February's #TechTalkCPT looks at the emerging technologies that will shape our lives in the decade to come and how it will effect marketing in various industries. 

As the relentless march of technological progress speeds ever onward, we find ourselves at an unprecedented convergence of revolutionary innovations. By the year
2020 we will begin to see the early stage proliferation of currently emerging technologies which are bound to disrupt every facet of human existence. From the way we work, play and communicate (with each other and with our devices). In this talk, Hendri Lategan takes a look at the advances in communication, automation and cognification that will set the stage for the decade ahead.

Our speaker, Hendri Lategan, the CEO of swipe, a digital development specialist agency that focusses on creating high-end digital solutions. Hendri has worked with some of the biggest publishers and brands in Africa. He is passionate about the future of technology and strives to push the boundaries of the technological landscape. With key leadership roles in leading online publishing, as well as digital development and marketing agencies, Hendri has a unique understanding of the technology and digital industries. He specialises in blending cutting-edge technological innovation with impactful execution that brands and businesses can leverage as a powerful tool for meaningful engagement.

Twitter handle: @00Hendri

#TechTalkCPT is an event that brings you the bleeding edge of technology and innovation as presented by a specialist in the chosen topic. The topics are made relevant and accessible to as many people as possible. All events are accompanied by drinks and networking, making otherwise daunting topics fun and attainable. The #TechTalk platform gives the public the chance to have a one-on-one experience with a specialist and find out more about intense, interesting and complicated topic that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.?


#TechTalkCPT: Emerging Technologies & The Future of Marketing
60 Hout St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa
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