Family friendly

HOW Episode 004 Entrepreneurship /Business Talk

Sat Dec 9, 11:30 - Sat Dec 9, 13:30

Event is online


H.O.W Episode 004 : Topic: Entrepreneurship /Business Talk Time: 11:30am - 13:30pm (SAST)

This episode will focus on the relevant topic: everything about business, everything about being an Entrepreneur. Discussions such as:

  1. The Financial Crisis in Business(es)
  2. Why do so many Business(es) shut down ? And what can be done about that?
  3. Are Entrepreneurs promoted in any sense by the Government?
  4. What are the significant roles that Entrepreneurs play in a country?
  5. Recession explained and how to make it work for your advantage with one?
  6. The Power of Consumers Explained ; Advantages and Disadvantages


Get to meet guest speakers on the H.O.W event show and engage with them on the 9th of December 2023 , Standard South African Time. Check the time zone in your country to be in sync with the time the official event will start.