Family friendly

Photographing Space from SilverTree Observatory

Tue Dec 5, 21:00 - Tue Dec 5, 23:00

Event is online


Join me online for a night of astrophotography from SilverTree Observatory. Using state of the art telescopes and imaging cameras, we will capture live views of space that most people never get to experience in their lifetime.

Over the course of the evening, you will

  • obtain an introduction to all the equipment used to capture stunning views of space;
  • learn how to operate telescopes remotely and how to automate the entire image capture process;
  • choose the targets for the evening (nebulae, star clusters, planetary nebulae, galaxies etc) and learn sometime about the science of these objects;
  • learn how to initiate the image capture runs;
  • see the details of the images evolve in real time via the process of live stacking.

The equipment used in this workshop are

  • Celestron RASA 8 f/2 with an ASI533MC Pro astronomy camera & IDAS NBZ Duo Narrowband or Optolong L-Pro filter;
  • Celestron Edge HD 9.25 f/7 with an ASI294MM Pro astronomy camera & Baader LRGB & 7nm Ha,OIII, SII filters;
  • Sharpstar FRA300/5 or William Optics Redcat 51 with an ASI 2600MM Pro astronomy camera & Optolong 3nm Ha, OIII, SII filters or ASI2600MC Pro & Optolong L-extreme filter.

All the data from the imaging session will be available to those who attend this event.

If there is bad weather, we will have to cancel the event and Quicket will provide you with a refund.