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Cricutpreneur Sunday Series

Sun Oct 8, 09:30 - Sun Dec 3, 12:30

PNA Stellenbosch Square


Class Description:

Welcome to the Cricutpreneur Sunday Series – where craft meets business!

Whether you're juststarting with a business idea or looking to expand your existing venture, this flexible series is

designed to guide you through the entrepreneurial journey with the added flair of Cricut crafting.

Tailored to your individual needs, each session helps you tick off tasks from your personalized

business checklist.


Each class spans 3 hours, held on consecutive Sundays.

What You'll Achieve:

- A clear understanding of your business goals and niche.

- Knowledge on branding, from designing logos to crafting unique brand packaging with


- Insights into setting up online domains and shops, making your business stand out in the

digital space.

- Networking opportunities with like-minded entrepreneurs.

- A personalized business checklist to track your progress and set future goals.

What Sets This Series Apart?

Personalized Approach: Each participant gets a customized business checklist, ensuring that

the content is relevant to their unique business journey.

Flexibility: Missed a class? No problem! Our modular structure allows you to pick up right

where you left off.

Hands-On Experience: Instead of just theoretical knowledge, you'll be making real-time

decisions for your business, like choosing and buying domains, setting up online shops, and


Important Note on Costs:

The ticket price covers the class's expertise, resources, and personalized attention. However, as

we dive deep into the practical aspects of setting up and branding your business, there will be

additional costs associated with tools, domains, online shop setups, etc.

We aim to offer the best recommendations, and in some cases, special deals or discounts.

Always remember, these are investments to lay a strong foundation for your business's future


Join us in this transformative journey from being a crafter to a Cricutpreneur!

Tickets are limited, ensuring focused attention for all. Grab yours now!

What To Bring? (For First-Timers)

For those joining the Cricutpreneur Sunday Series for the first time, we want to ensure you're

well-equipped to make the most of our session. Here's what you should bring along:

- Laptop: Ensure it's fully charged, though we recommend also bringing your charger.

We'll be diving into some hands-on activities online.

- Notebook: For jotting down key insights, ideas, and tasks. This will be your companion

throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

- Pen: For your note-taking and any sketching or brainstorming activities we might do.

Having these items with you will enhance your learning experience and allow you to actively

participate in all the activities planned for the day. We're excited to see you and kickstart your

Cricutpreneur adventure!


Cricutpreneur Sunday Series
PNA Stellenbosch Square
Webers Valley Rd, Jamestown, Stellenbosch, 7600
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