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Living with Purpose

Thu Jun 27, 17:30 - Thu Jun 27, 21:30

Mythos Design Quarters


Living with Purpose is a speaking platform for individuals who have conquered hardship and adversity, found their purpose, and are sharing their extraordinary stories to motivate, inspire and empower

others. The event celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and gives

delegates the unique opportunity to witness the steadfast spirit of those who

have risen above life's challenges and found their true calling. Their stories convey the message.... "it is

possible". With dedication, commitment and the will to win you too can build an extraordinary life and live your purpose.

Katie Mohamed: CEO of BrandFusion - A Trailblazer at the Intersection of Media, Marketing, and Women's Leadership

Katie Mohamed is a television broadcaster whose dynamic presence and charismatic persona has led her on a journey from the vibrant world of fashion to becoming a broadcasting icon. As the Chairperson of the BrandFusion Foundation, she is deeply invested in a global agenda that champions equality, advocates for quality education, and fosters social and economic upliftment. Katie's passion for creating equitable opportunities in leadership is further highlighted through her founding of the W-Suite Movement. This initiative is more than a platform; it's a call to action for advocating gender parity in the boardroom. Katie is dedicated to reshaping the corporate landscape, ensuring women acquire key leadership and operational roles across industries. With a compelling blend of professional brilliance and social responsibility, Katie Mohamed stands as a beacon of inspiration - from a true changemaker, whose story is not just about success but about inspiring a movement towards a more equitable and empowered future.


Living with Purpose
Mythos Design Quarters
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