No under 18s

Couple Ties

Sat Sep 23, 10:30 - Sat Sep 23, 15:00

The Unit


This workshop will be focused on partners tying each other or with in their dynamic. If you are really close with a best friend, that works too.

Please note this is a partnered event. You would need a partner for the workshop.

We will look at how we can use rope to bind our connections with each other. We spend our lives in the rat race feeling disconnected from those close to us.

This workshop will focus on the re-connection of the two souls.

We will briefly discuss consent with in the couple/partner dynamic.

Will learn the basic foundation of single column tie then how we can use a single rope to bind ourselves together. Focus on the others energy and breathing and reaction to where the rope sits.

Developing that vulnerable closeness within each other. 

Please wear something comfortable to be tied in. There will be coffee and tea available. And if you'd like to bring snacks to share that's fab. There will be a few snacks provided.

Location of event will be disclosed to ticket holders.

The host for the event is Howitzer, a rigger with in the rope community. He enjoys creating connections and creating art with his ropes. He enjoys a challenging tie and how to navigate it.

If you have any questions Dm

On IG under Howitzer39

Or on Fetlife

Or email [email protected] with "couples tie" in subject line.