No under 18s

Tributes Fest 2023 - Westville Warehouse

Sat Dec 2, 14:00 - Sun Dec 3, 00:00

Westville Warehouse


The biggest South African Tribute fest returns for the first time after the pandemic! Now, bigger than ever extending to the KZN music scene- not just exclusively Durban any more! 

Catch the 6 incredible tributes as they play the Westville Warehouse in Durban on 2 December 2023. These include the following tribute bands: 

Limp Bizkit

System of a Down

Green Day

Beastie Boys

Red Hot Chilli Peppers 

Tenacious D

Brought to you by members of the KZN music scene:

Durban Rock City

Evo Music

The Vern

Westville Warehouse

Sludge Underground


Wah Wah Baby

Thorns of Ivory

Sons of Shem

Saturn Return


Your Cynical Sanity 

Don't miss the most anticipated festive festival this December!


Tributes Fest 2023 - Westville Warehouse
Westville Warehouse
48a Buckingham Tce., Westville, Durban, 3629
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