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Sat Nov 25, 18:00 - Sun Nov 26, 01:30

The Bat Centre


The legacy of the Bat Centre as an incubator for Durban's hip hop culture renders it an exceptional host for BLOCKK SESSIONS. This event stands as a tribute to the evolution of hip hop, encapsulating its historical significance while propelling it into new sonic territories. This convergence of genres represents an evolution of artistic expression that resonates deeply with both performers and attendees.

BLOCKK SESSIONS is underpinned by a core theme: the harmonious fusion of traditional hip hop with the contemporary mainstream. At its heart, this event provides a platform where artists from diverse backgrounds can seamlessly meld their unique styles, accentuating the shared passion that underpins their craft. In an environment often marked by stylistic demarcations, BLOCKK SESSIONS serves as a powerful unifying force, emphasizing the common threads that run through the intricate tapestry of hip hop.

Beyond the musical journey, BLOCKK SESSIONS embodies the universality of hip hop as a language that bridges generational divides. Attendees will be transported on an auditory voyage that traverses eras, where the cadences of traditional lyricism harmonize with the contemporary rhythms of the mainstream. This auditory symphony encapsulates the very spirit of hip hop, offering a multi-sensory experience that resonates with both aficionados and newcomers to the genre.

In tandem with this transformative event, we are pleased to highlight the developmental facet intrinsic to BLOCKK SESSIONS. As an entity ardently committed to nurturing talent, Blockk also focuses on the holistic development of artists from Durban and across South Africa. In this vein, an illuminating music workshop is scheduled to transpire the day prior to the event. This workshop is meticulously designed to empower artists to realize their full potential, offering invaluable insights to aid them in their journey towards excellence. Just as the Bat Centre symbolizes the roots of hip hop, this workshop seeks to be a nurturing ground for burgeoning artists.


The Bat Centre
45 Maritime Pl, Esplanade, Durban, 4001
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