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HOME: A painting & poetry sharing

Wed Oct 18, 17:30 - Wed Oct 18, 20:30

House Jordan



A painting & poetry sharing by Michelle Knight

Celebrating the healing power of art.

What is it about art making -

Its capacity to tighten and loosen the knots,

To unravel the thread from here to HOME

Over and over again?  


- Michelle Knight

Paintings by Michelle Knight for sale. Limited edition prints for sale on order.

ALL proceeds from this sharing will be donated to the Ingcungcu Sunbird Restoration Project. This non-profit company aims to re-establish the fynbos corridor from Stellenbosch through the Cape Flats to Muizenberg, inviting nature and the birds back HOME and in so doing, enriching the lives of the youth and communities involved.

Drinks and snacks will be served.


HOME: A painting & poetry sharing
House Jordan
1A Hurter Ave, Chapmans Peak, Cape Town, 7979
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