No under 21s

American Horror Story in Wonderland

Sat Sep 30, 06:00 - Sun Oct 1, 01:00

Event is online


6pm welcome consent and party rules for new players

8pm doors close

dj on the floor all night

demos include - whip/ spanking/ balloons/ needles- separate room for blood play

pet play area

Looner mosh pit 10pm

“When the day becomes the night and the sky becomes the sea, when the clock strikes heavy and there’s no time for tea; and in our darkest hour, before my final rhyme, she will come back home to Wonderland and turn back the hands of time.”

Pls come and join my joint birthday party and experience a little bit my madness. 

“Not all who wander are lost.”

The evening will start with a consent negotiation and then we plan of lots of cake.

the rest is up to you are your own decadent desires. 

There will be a few tops for the space that are available for different experiences so if there is a wonderland experience on your wishlist please feel free to dm me to discuss. 

This isn’t a welcome to class and if we haven’t met and you wish you come pls send me dm so we can make the experience better for everyone on the night. “Every adventure requires a first step”

needles- (requires pre negotiation before the event will not done a pick up play on the night)

spanking- (@theplayboxcapetown is there for the night)

cbt-(I have the queen herself in attendance if there are any bucklist requests hit up my dms)

rope- (two dynamic riggers who have a few spaces on their dance cards)

wax-(@teegar will be waxing the night away a dance card will be on her door)

paint (@dandlylion will be painting and printing your bits on the night)

cane station -(two dynamic experienced tops will warm your bottoms)

whips -(@prml_strider will be doing demos and there is space to crack)

flogging -(we have some beautiful hellions to flog u into wonderland and 3 crosses)

The space is open for all types of play. 

I ask you only to bring your imagination and snacks….

This is a play party, and it is advised to negotiate your play beforehand. E.g., Hard limits, any specific injuries, if you have eaten that day (which you should have), and if you have any medical conditions. Your safety is VERY important to us, but you also must take responsibility for your own safety by communicating beforehand with your play partner.

All the rooms will have dedicated Dungeon Monitor/Assistants wearing armbands. They are there to observe and keep order and assist with any queries. Feel free to bring anything to their attention should it be necessary.

A medical kit, safety shears, and blankets for aftercare will be available. Light snacks will be provided.

Feel free to bring your own drinks as there will be no cash bar, however, you also need to bring your own ice and glasses. All alcohol is to be consumed in moderation but not encouraged and we reserve the right to remove those who don’t adhere to the rules. If you intend to experience a play with one of the tops for the night a strict no alcohol policy will be required for play.

pls bring you own drinks and snacks and toys there is plenty place to picnic and play!

we have loads of equipment/dm/consent team/ medical assistance

kitten kisses

i hope to see you all soon …

Guidelines for attendance:

By entering this private space, you acknowledge that consent is an ongoing process:


We require respect for all people and for their property, including the venue and its staff.

• Be respectful and mindful in your actions and words with regard to other attendees, hosts or instructors.

Kindergarten rules:

• If it isn’t yours don’t touch it.

• If you want to touch something that isn't yours you must ask for AND receive permission before you do. 

• A person’s attendance at an event, the way they are dressed (or not dressed) or what they are doing with their bodies or partners’ bodies are not considered as signals of consent.

• Consent is a pre-negotiated verbal agreement. It can be renegotiated at any time. “No” means “no”. “Maybe” still means “no”. Once given, consent can always be taken back.

• It is generally unwise to renege on a pre-negotiated boundary.

• Never physically touch or allow yourself to be touched without prior consent. By entering into this space you respect that both what you choose to do and what is done to you, needs to be consented to. This means that it is not a place for you to project your own needs, fantasies, fetishes and desires onto the people attending.

• At any given moment, the collection of participants in the space are considered a community and any activities require communal consent.

• When in doubt, ask. When feeling unsafe, please say so.

We are a non-normative, queer space:

• We do not accommodate any prejudice towards race, gender identity, sexual preference, forms of expression or body type.

• We encourage absolute freedom as long as it is safe enough, inclusive enough and consensual.

We host workshops, performances and, on occasions, play events:

• Learning, freedom of expression and connection are our priority. Even when we are a play space, this should not be confused with a pick-up joint or a sex club.

• Please do not interrupt or voyeur those who might already be engaged in play unless invited to do so.

• Our space is for people to find the confidence, community, and inspiration to discover their desires.

• Please feel free to communicate your own desires, we welcome this. But, please do not impose them on others or the space.

Camera footage of any kind is strictly banned, unless by prior arrangement:

• If photos and videos are arranged, they remain the sole property of the people featured.

• Strictly no tagging persons or the venue in social media platforms unless by prior agreement of the persons involved and venue hosts.

Please approach your hosts or dms if there is any reason for concern.

We hope that these guidelines enable you to find expression, self invention, pleasure and connection in our space.