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Flowing Body ~ Smiling Heart ~ Rejuvenating Qi Gong (30 Sept.'23)

Sat Sep 30, 14:00 - Sat Sep 30, 16:00

The Collaborative Healing Centre


Join Adéle for a rejuvenating monthly "Mindful Movement Qi Gong" session in the beautiful gardens or warm studio of The Collaborative Healing Centre, and receive the support of nature's connecting energy and vibrancy!

You’ll experience gentle movements from the ancient art of Chinese Qi Gong medicine and a supportive meditation practice that restores, strengthens and rejuvenates your energy, body, heart and mind.


* Gentle Qi Gong “warm-up” and breathing practices

* Connecting with your “inner heart smile”

* Beautiful Qi Gong practices to generate strong flowing life force energy

No previous experience is needed; Start from where you are.

QiGong’s non-impact movements can be practiced at any age and any fitness level.

DATE: Saturday 30 Sept. 2023

TIME: Arrival at 1:45pm, the session starts promptly at 2pm until 3pm.

This will be followed by connect time until 4pm, enjoying a nourishing health muffin and tea.

VENUE: The Collaborative Healing Centre, Kyalami, AH.

In the beautiful gardens on a warm sunny day or in the indoors studio if it rains.


* R180 p.p. including tea and muffin

* Family packages available

BOOKING & UPFRONT PAYMENT is essential - ask Adele for bank details to do an EFT or book through this secure Quicket platform

For details, contact Adele via WhatsApp 082 450 7296, this Earth Alchemy Facebook page or Messenger.

Email: [email protected]

We are looking forward to connect with you & support you in experiencing relaxation, vitality, connection & flow!


Qi Gong / Chi Kung (pronounced chee-gung) are exercises and healing techniques that were developed centuries ago by Chinese masters. They comprise gentle movements, controlled breathing and meditation practices and are generally done standing or adjusted as “sitting or lying down” practices for people in recovery or with impairments.

Qi is life force energy. Gong means to practice. So Qi Gong is the practice of restoring the body and dissolving energy blockages, bringing unity between body, mind, breath and spirit through strengthening the natural flow of life force energy.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS of practising Qi Gong regularly?

* Increased life force energy (Qi) for overall vitality and wellbeing

* Strengthened immune system and organs

* Improved physical fitness, balance, flexibility and breathing

* Toned and strengthened muscles, releasing knots and tension

* Relaxed and regulated central nervous system, releasing physical & emotional stress and fast-track recovery from adrenaline burn-out

* Increased mental clarity, focus, resilience, calmness, inner peace and wisdom

* Improved management of anxiety, depression, pain and chronic health problems

* Increased longevity

* More integrated body-mind-heart-breath-spirit

* Increased mindful awareness and connection with ourselves and life, being present in the precious Now


Before changing to the more simple and gentle training of Wu Ji Gong and Qi Gong, Adéle studied Kungfu and Tai Chi (Wushu) for several years. She travelled to China, training with teachers from Wudang and Shaolin and continues her studies in Qi Gong, Taoist and inner alchemy with various international teachers. 

Adéle is a Wellbeing Practitioner who offers "Living your Destiny" coaching and specialises in using African indigenous medicine and conducts water ceremonies & ancestral healing ceremonies.

Adéle designs Lifestyle Programmes tailored to meet individuals' unique needs using a combination of mindfulness, meditation, breathing & life force enhancing practices and African herbal remedies, supported by guided gentle exercise.

“I am in love with life and with the magnificent connecting powers and beauty of nature! I’m hugely fascinated by the phenomenal unique strengths and expressions of each human being. I love to ignite the best in each one of us!” Adele Smith

WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING about "Mindful Movement Qi Gong" with Adéle?

Dee: "it was calming, relaxing & rejuvenating all at the same time. Even though there were other people in the retreat, I had my own private space, my 'bubble'. The pain & stiffness in my neck is all gone. Thank you so much for sharing your energy & passion so abundantly. Much appreciated."

Wiebke (age 81): "Your Qi Gong Class was very relaxing and balanced. At the end I felt in tune with the trees and nature around us and my body was grateful for the attention given to every part in a way that freed it from tension and made it whole again."

Chantelle: "Did my first Qi-Gong session with Adele. Wow it was amazing loved it. She made us feel so welcome and the meditation after was really special. Felt so connected to nature will definetly do another session."

Lillian: "It was amazing! Life has been hectic; I've been really tense & stressed. I feel like me again! Thank you".

Mira: “Adéle provides wonderful informative sessions at a reasonable price. You will gain a good understanding of Qigong. Her weekly Qigong classes is bliss for the soul! I feel truly relaxed when I’ve been to her class.”

Marie (age 73): “It was such a good experience learning some unusual movements. I found it very uplifting and not at all strenuous, and will recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much.”

Tessa: “In our busy lives we don’t make enough time to become still & connect with gratitude. Through gentle Qigong movements I became more aware of how grateful I am for my physical body & how I need to take care of my body. After the session I felt calm & happy with an expanded and positive outlook on life. It was lovely to experience this session with family, and it strengthened our family bonds.”

Orlando: "Beautiful session and the friendliest facilitator who loves what she does. Very enjoyable."


*Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade QiGong - learn the set of medical QiGong practices for overall health - 7 Oct. 2023

*Monthly Garden QiGong sessions - next one will be on 21 Oct. 2023

*Wu Ji Gong - learn this crown jewel QiGong form for a flowing life, self love, wellbeing & inner freedom - next workshop is on 18 Nov. 2023

*Monthly Wu Ji Gong group practice (once you've learnt the form) in the beautiful gardens of the Collaborative Healing Centre (after Garden QiGong @ 4-5:15pm)

For details, contact Adéle via WhatsApp 082 450 7296, the Earth Alchemy Facebook page or Messenger

Email: [email protected]


Flowing Body ~ Smiling Heart ~ Rejuvenating Qi Gong (30 Sept.'23)
The Collaborative Healing Centre
17, 1/210 Cactus Rd, Kyalami AH, Johannesburg, 1684
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