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Harmonies Unveiled: The Busi Mhlongo Music & Art Fusion

Fri Apr 26, 16:00 - Sun Apr 28, 14:30

The Mcgregor Wisdom School


Step into a realm where music and art intertwine, igniting the senses and evoking emotions beyond words. The Busi Mhlongo Collection, a captivating music and art installation, awaits you at the enchanting McGregor Wisdom School as part of the Love Life Festival. This immersive experience is a profound celebration of the late Busi Mhlongo's final album, "Amakholwa, Believers," brought to life through the extraordinary collaboration of renowned artist Annalien van der Colff.

Within this interactive installation, Annalien's mesmerizing paintings stand as a testament to the transformative power of music. Each stroke of her brush was born during the album's mixing process, driven solely by the emotions and sensations evoked by the music. An intriguing twist to this creative endeavor is that the artist embarked on her journey without prior knowledge of the album's lyrics or meanings. Instead, she embarked on a visceral exploration of how the melodies, rhythms, and harmonies made her feel.

As the creative process unfolded, an astounding revelation emerged – each of Annalien's paintings resonated with the profound essence of Busi Mhlongo's songs. The artworks effortlessly captured the depth and significance hidden within each track, even though the artist had no prior insight into their meanings. This harmonious convergence of sight and sound underscores the universal language that is music, showcasing its innate ability to transcend linguistic barriers and establish a direct connection with the heart and soul.

The Busi Mhlongo Collection beckons you to experience this unique fusion of auditory and visual artistry. As you immerse yourself in Annalien's vibrant canvases, you'll be serenaded by the enchanting vocals, captivating melodies, and soul-soothing West African and Maskandi rhythms that defined Busi Mhlongo's legendary album. Let yourself be carried away by the symphony of emotions, and witness firsthand how the interplay between art and music creates a symphony of understanding that speaks to the core of human experience.

Join us at the Love Life Festival as we pay homage to the legacy of Busi Mhlongo and unveil the transcendent power of artistic expression. The Busi Mhlongo Collection invites you to partake in an experience that will awaken your senses, touch your heart, and leave an indelible mark on your soul.


Harmonies Unveiled: The Busi Mhlongo Music & Art Fusion
The Mcgregor Wisdom School
1 Church St, Mcgregor, McGregor, 6708
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