No under 18s

Burlesque Show at Bloo Bistro - Knysna

Thu Dec 21, 18:30 - Thu Dec 21, 21:30

Bloo Bistro


We are thrilled to return to our home on the Garden Route, Bloo Bistro, with a beautiful burlesque show presented by The Rouge Revue Burlesque Company!

Burlesque is a form of live entertainment that combines elements of comedy, satire, dance, and striptease.

Originating in the 19th century, it has evolved over time but typically involves performers, often women, dressed in elaborate and provocative costumes, engaging in humorous and exaggerated acts that parody or comment on societal norms, politics, or popular culture.

While it often includes elements of sensual or erotic dance, burlesque places a strong emphasis on humor and theatricality, distinguishing it from traditional stripping. Today, burlesque shows are celebrated for their artistic and empowering expression of sexuality, body positivity, and the celebration of diversity.

Starring 3 superb burlesque artists

Lady Magnolia

Lady Magnolia is the headmistress of The Rouge Revue Burlesque Company. She is a passionate teacher and performer who thrives on creating community.

This captivating performer exudes old world elegance and charm. As she struts across the stage, she weaves a spell of love and sensuality. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wondering if Aphrodite herself took a day off to join the burlesque revolution!

Jezzy Belle

Jezzy Belle is the saucy, singing siren of The Rouge Revue. She commands the stage with her electrifying voice and irrisistable charm. Her dynamic energy and magnetic stage presence will have you on the edge of your seat, immersed in a world of passion and soul stirring performances.

and MizzChief

With an ever-present penchant for music, mischief and MCC, it was evident that MizzChief was made for the stage. She is the rawness of hip-hop, the intricacy of rap and the cool of RnB, seamlessly strung together with a palpable power and passion that radiates every time she hits the stage. Perhaps these reasons are why she was crowned the Best Debut at the 2021 Baby Grand Burlesque Festival.

She has set out to show Cape Town and the world, that there is value in our melanin, respect due for the ratchet, and indescribable beauty in a strong, thick body. The self-proclaimed black sheep of burlesque, she wears this title proudly, her performances are high energy, crazy creative and always bring an element of surprise. Guaranteed to get the party started, she’ll make a MizzFit of you yet. 

  • Thursday 21st December 2023
  • Bloo Bistro - Knysna
  • Doors open at 6:30pm, Show starts at 7:30pm.
  • Tickets R200 online only. Limited seating
  • If you'd like to gift some extra holiday cheer, feel free to tip the dancers on the ticket page.
  • Please Dress to the nines!


Burlesque Show at Bloo Bistro - Knysna
Bloo Bistro
2 Memorial Square, Knysna, 6571
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