Airsoft Tournament - King of the Hill - City of Dead

Sat Feb 4, 08:00 - Sat Feb 4, 17:00
City of Dead - Randfontein

City of Dead - KING OF THE HILL - Open Team Tournament



It doesn't matter if you are part of a team or not. Just get 8 to 10 of your operators together and start planning your strategies and drills. It's easy.

Many of the established teams will be looking to recruit up and coming heroes to bolster their numbers for this prestigious " King of the Hill" award.

True to the nature of Airsoft, game points will be based on objectives reached  and how well teams do at attacking, taking and securing key strategic positions. The Battleboxes will be used to keep an accurate track of team performance.

Up to 8 teams only can compete in this tournament. The City of Dead will be divided into 4 decent sized mixed terrain fields.

Winners will get their name engraved on a floating trophy and winners and runners up will receive Exclusive King of the Hill Victor patches. 


8 to 10 players per team.

Objective based games.

4 fields running consecutively.

Trophy for winning team.

Patches for top two teams

Every team plays 5 one hour games.

Who will be KING OF THE HILL?



Team objective to clock as much time as possible on two timer Battlebox objectives on their field.

3 respawns per player only.

1 hour games

8 minimum 10 maximum players.

No riot shields.

BB grenades allowed but no homemade pyros.


All special weapons to be cleared by marshals before tournament


Draft Format

Two groups of 4 drawn.

Each team plays every team in their group.

Most wins determines top of group. Highest overall time taken into account in the case of a tie break.

Top two teams from groups then play top two from other group.

Winner determined by number of wins and time in a tie break.

Half hour breaks between games to rehydrates and load up.

45 mins lunch break.
Death Rags Compulsory
Radio communications
are optional but highly recommended.

City of Dead, Randfontein

Venue Description
This is a brand new 15Ha field. Terrain is mainly buildings with a large section of treed low grass meadow sections to the side. The terrain is flat and there are many interesting open areas between buildings. It is a large field and plenty of flanking opportunities exist.

The large Safe Zone is adjacent to the field sheltered by the ridges from the wind. We anticipate having a rustic toilet facility available as well as catering at the game.

- Diverse field with plenty of CQB opportunities, sniper nests and ambush setups.
- Bush warfare terrain, urban CQB, and plenty more.
- This field is bottleneck-free with so many features and there is always a way around. Flanking options always available.
- This is a tactical teamplay field - Radios are essential.

Special Combat Lunches
We will have the "RationWagon" at the field and lunch will be provided included in the ticket price. Other snacks and cold drinks will be available for sale.


Turn off the R28 going towards Randfontein at coordinates 26° 7'39.98"S 27°44'46.04"E and make your way around to the field.

Directions from Pretoria: Take N14(R28) towards Krugersdorp continue over ridge up and past Key West towards Randfontein. Turn right onto dual carriageway where R28 intersects with Main Reef Road and continues to be the R28 towards Randfontein. Cross two stop streets and pass Sasol garage on Left. Just after Sasol take next possible right turn onto tar road at Transnet sign. Coordinates at this turning are 26°7'39.98"S 27°44'46.04"E. Pass scrap yard on the right of the road and follow the road over a double Railway crossing shortly thereafter. Tar road then bears to the left until it turns into a Transnet facility. Do not turn here but continue straight onto the dirt road parallel to the railway line. Now keep right on the dirt road which will encircle the perimeter of the field. You will cross another single railway track continue on dirt road keeping right until you arrive at City of Dead Safe Zone.


GPS Coordinates 
City of Dead 26° 8'0.13"S 27°43'51.80"E


Cost per person:
R190pp (incl. lunch) - 8 to 10 operators  in a team

Exclusive patches only for top two teams based on competition format.



Draft Times:

from 7h30 Registration, chrono and team colours, Field exploration

08h00 Game rules, Draw groups, give roster

09h00 Group Game 1

10h00 Break to ammo up and refresh

10h30 Group Game 2

11h30 Break to ammo up and refresh

12h00 Group Game 3

13h00 Lunch

14h00 Top teams Game 1

15h00 Break to ammo up and refresh

15h30 Top teams Game 2

16h30 Prize giving and Raffle

17h30 Leave at leisure.

Subject to change as are all things inn life.


Other   Accessories, BB's, safety eyewear and other items will also be available on sale. Snapscan, Mastercard and Visa welcome.

Book to attend Bookings on Quicket only
                       Teams interested in playiing must register by email at [email protected] before 1 January. Team slots are first come first served. Only 8.
Remember Tickets Close on 31st January 2017 20h00 on Quicket.


Airsoft Rules & Regulations

Safety is paramount
  • Treat your airsoft gun as if it were a real firearm. Anywhere Outside playing area: -  weapons on safe -  magazines out - holster your pistols.
  • Sling your rifle, pointing up if using a sling or carry rifle pointing down.
  • FIRING IN SAFE AREA - Do NOT fire your airsoft gun in the safe area only use designated safe zones to test fire. YOU WILL DO PUSH-UPS.
  • No physical contact (punches/slaps/head butts/affectionate). No knives on the field or real firearms!
  • During games, non-players may walk into the play area. If you spot a person walking through, call BLIND MAN each person to repeat. Marshal to restart.
  • We often play in hazardous environments and players can get hurt. Be aware of your surroundings pot holes, rough terrain, building rubble and play sensibly. Wear good quality Shoes or Boots!! No need to run.
  • Watch out for snakes/scorpions etc.
  • No player may play unless he has signed the indemnity sheet.
Game Rules
  • Calling HIT! Visible and Loud. Any part of the body! Even ricochet.
  • Game of honour. Call your hits. - An ORANGE HELMET will be worn by any player reported by two or more for being dishonourable.
  • Dead men can't talk - not even "I'm dead".
  • Bang Kills - 5 meter with their back or side to you, should they not be aware of your presence you can call BANG!
  • Death rags avoid being shot when dead.
  • People not attending the game brief will NOT be allowed to play that game. They mess up the game when they don't know the rules which can be complicated. Rather go back and fix up guns.
Game Play Safety & Rules
  • Goggles or glasses worn at ALL times in the field of play. Ballistic rated glasses and goggles only.
  • Blind firing is strictly prohibited. You can run sideways shooting but not away shooting backwards. As a general rule, always look down your sights when shooting.
  • Headshots are not cool so avoid them as much as possible. Often a player may only present their head, then OK. They do happen though, so make sure your goggles and gear are in good order.
  • No headshots under 5 meters.
  • In CQB (Close Quarter Battle) environments where you expect to meet players at distances closer than 10 meters, SEMI AUTO only. Switch your AEG to semi automatic.
  • OVERKILL. One shot will do.
  • No shooting over the walls / Fences or out of the game area or into safe zone.
  • It is highly advisable that there is medical emergency kits freely available at the venue. If you have one, please bring it along.
  • We are INVITED GUESTS. Please treat the venue with respect and make sure that you keep it clean. (even if it was not when you got there!)
  • You are representing the game of Airsoft. Make sure that your conduct is impeccable and that you are a true ambassador of the sport. Any player that brings the game of Airsoft into disrepute will be banned from attending future games.
  • SWEARING - Young players nor experienced players need to hear this.
  • Velocity or FPS (feet per second) is limited to 400fps.
  • All guns are Chronographed at games to ensure compliance.
  • The only weapons that are allowed to shoot up to 500fps are those of snipers, only SEMI AUTO (modified to only work on semi auto) or BOLT-ACTION ONLY! Snipers also may not engage any player within 20 meters.
  • No HPA rifles allowed.
I agree to indemnify  the organisers and its servants and agents against all damages, loss, claims, costs and expenses for which they become legally liable as a result of bodily injury to persons and/or damage to material property arising out of any negligent act during the course of the event. I (the undersigned) assume liability for:
a)  Any damage to the standing property during the course of the event.          
b)  Any loss or damage to equipment on the premises.            
c)   Take full and complete responsibility for my action and am aware that my attendance and participation is entirely at my own risk.
I am aware of the inherent risks associated with Airsoft and the types of battlefields that are used. I agree to obey all generally accepted safety procedures at all times and agree to any rules laid out by  facilitators and staff. I understand any offences or dangerous play can result in me being removed from the field of play/ venue and I will forfeit all fees paid.


Airsoft Tournament - King of the Hill - City of Dead
City of Dead - Randfontein
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