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Clay, Flame and Fire: a Raku Experience (Hangklip Kleinmond Ceramic & Porcelain Festival)

Sun Sep 24, 09:00 - Sun Sep 24, 13:00

Corrine De Haas Ceramics Studio


Potters clay is only rendered permanent through the application of heat, high heat. One of the most direct firing techniques used by clay-workers is raku. 

The revered Raku technique is a lively and fully participating process where glazed or prepared clay pots are placed in a raku kiln, and heated with a gas flame to about 900-1000 * Celsius, then taken out with big tongs, and placed in a " box" of sawdust.

The sawdust catches fire, and the smoke imbues the pots with the characteristic smoked patterns of raku. We can also use feathers and hair to burn images onto the clay in the case where white clay is used.

There will be refreshments available - firing pots is hard work

What we will do

  1. Each participant can choose 2 pots from the prepared collection that we will have available
  2. We discuss the glazing options, and how these choices will influence your results
  3. Each participant then decorates and glaze their pots with the glazes we prepared beforehand
  4. We pack the first pots into the RAKU kiln, and the first firing can go ahead
  5. We will make repeated firings until all the pots are fired
  6. After the smoking of the pots in sawdust, some cleaning of the pots will be required, to expose the full beauty of the work
  7. Feedback on experience and pots

Please note: raku fired pots are decorative by nature, and will not hold water as a vase

Safety precautions will be in place.

If you are sensitive to smoke inhalation, please bring a mask

Facilitators: Chris Morgan Wilson, Corinne de Haas


Clay, Flame and Fire: a Raku Experience (Hangklip Kleinmond Ceramic & Porcelain Festival)
Corrine De Haas Ceramics Studio
14 Harbour Rd, Kleinmond, 7195
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