L'Sundays Presents: Spring Affair at The Craft Bar & Cafe, Kathu, Northern Cape

Sat Sep 30, 14:00 - Sat Sep 30, 23:00

The Craft Bar & Cafe


L'Sundays Live, Kathu will be taking place at the picturesque The Craft Bar & Cafe (Instagram: thecraftbarncafe <--- CLICK THE LINK) from 2pm, on 30 September 2023. The hip and upmarket Craft Bar & Cafe has a relaxing atmosphere, good drinks, and choice menu options. For this event there will be Bar and Menu Specials available. There is also a Craft Beer Stand with its own Specials to look forward to!

Visiting artist, DJL!, currently living in Johannesburg, always had his roots firmly planted in his childhood province of the Northern Cape. This makes the location an ideal choice for this installment of L'Sundays Live.

L'Sundays is an event that is aimed at individuals who enjoy a variety of music genres. It appeals to the person who enjoys meeting new people, sharing good wine, beer, experiences, life stories and just enjoying a moment in time - through dance, lounging, laughter, happiness - in a controlled, yet blissful setting.

DJL! will be spinning a choice selection of genres where you can expect to hear and dance to RnB, Hip-Hop, AmaPiano, Afro House, House and Dance vibes throughout the afternoon into the evening.

For a snapshot into the world of DJL! visit his YouTube page! <--- CLICK THE LINK