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The Organic Magic Project

Fri Sep 29, 17:00 - Fri Sep 29, 22:00

The Secret Garden - Hout Bay (Palmiet)


The Organic Magic Project

Date: 29th September

Time: 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Location: The Secret Garden, Hout Bay, Cape Town

Nestled in the heart of Hout Bay, a hidden gem awaits those seekers of enchantment and revelry. On the eve of the Full Moon, as the celestial body reaches its peak luminosity, the mystical "Secret Garden" opens its gates to host a transformative gathering that promises an ethereal & immersive experience of plant medicine, conscious celebration, dance, music and movement.

SOULTONYX presents - The Organic Magic Project, a SOULSCAPE initiative (facilitated by Karen Justine & NYX.)

5pm: Doors open - Find your perfect spot in the garden and settle in and enjoy the sounds of our guest DJ.

6pm: Plant Medicine Infusion - A Journey of Mind and Spirit with Karen Justine.

As the sun begins to descend, participants will embark on an inward journey guided by the wisdom of plant medicine in a facilitated dance & movement routine guided by Karen Justine.

This session aims to connect attendees with the exquisite natural surroundings of the Secret Garden and unlock the treasures that lie within the realm of plant consciousness. With her wealth of knowledge and intuitive guidance, Karen will lead an immersive exploration, fostering a deeper connection with the earth and oneself.

7pm: Celestial Conscious Party - Igniting the Night with NYX.

As twilight gives way to the ink-blue sky, the garden transforms into a realm of pulsating energy and vibrant light. NYX. takes the reins as the conductor of this nocturnal symphony. Guided by the intention of creating a sacred space for uninhibited celebration, NYX. blends eclectic beats and pulsating rhythms that resonate with the rhythms of the universe.Dance becomes a spiritual expression, a communion of souls, and a pathway to liberation.

Expect soulful melodic tribal tech sounds.

Dance, Fire and Movement: Circle of Silence and Expression

Under the full moon's radiant gaze, a circle of unity forms – a dance and movement that transcends words. Led by Karen Justine and NYX, this circle invites attendees to immerse themselves in conscious movement, fueled by the energy of the cosmos. As dancers move to their own rhythm, the circle demands silence, allowing each individual to fully immerse themselves in the dance of their own being, with fire bales blazing at the circle's edges that flickers in tandem with the beats of the night.

Culmination and Reflection

As the clock nears 9:30 PM, attendees gather in a closing circle to share gratitude, insights, and the transformative moments experienced throughout the evening. The collective energy forged in the garden under the full moon is sealed, promising a continuation of growth and conscious connection beyond the boundaries of the event.

The Organic Magic Project promises:

  • A fusion of plant medicine wisdom (2 x 0.1gm of Psilocybin to all on entry) together with a cosmic consciousness movement guided by Karen Justine and NYX.
  • A dance and movement circle that invites introspection and uninhibited expression, embraced by the radiant light of the full moon.
  • Sacred fire bales that illuminate the night.
  • Moments of silence within the dance circle, (a demarcated area around the DJ booth will be a talk-free zone) allowing for deep connection and individual exploration.
  • A space to connect with like-minded souls and forge lasting connections on a journey of transformation.
  • Alcohol is not encouraged at this gathering.
  • Plant medicines and natural enhancing substances are encouraged.
  • Heart Opening Cacao / Ginger & Apple shots will be available for pre-purchase on checkout (Quicket) as well as on site. (Snapscan)
  • Please bring a blanket / mat to sit on - make yourself comfortable.
  • Bring snacks / drinks / H20 for the evening.
  • Bring a warm jacket.
  • Micro-dosing top-ups will be available on site.

We look forward to a magical experience with you all.

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The Organic Magic Project
The Secret Garden - Hout Bay (Palmiet)
Blue Valley Cl, Hout Bay, Cape Town, 7806
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