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How do we practice becoming more Wholesome Humans. Part 2.

Fri Sep 29, 17:30 - Fri Sep 29, 20:00

The Ballroom.


Following the SOLD OUT success of Talk 1, Rachel is offering a series of talks for corporates, creatives, educators, parents, young adults, entrepreneurs...everyone benefits!


1.   Researched and tested guidelines that create conducive environments & easy to use practices in the workplace, at home and with our loved ones for productive, profound & valuable conversations.

2.   How to listen & share better.

3.   What is empathy, how and when did we lose this human power tool and how do we tap back into it?

4.   Ways to deepen our ability to use all our resource centers: IQ, EQ and Intuition.


"As a CEO, I don't get time to consider some of the critical themes Rachel shared. I look forward to the next session." David de Coning

"A mindfully curated event with meaningful knowledge sharing." George Gabriel

''Thank you for an experience like no other. This is way more than a talk that we all need right now! Helen V Stolk

“You are a genius event maker and new knowledge sharer. So relaxed and entertaining’’. Jessica

"Just amazing. I didn't know how important our intuition is and now I know how to access this power tool! More please"

All questions welcome [email protected]


How do we practice becoming more Wholesome Humans. Part 2.
The Ballroom.
4 Smithers Rd, Kenilworth, Cape Town, 7708
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