Help Elbie Walk Again!


Elbie is a 66 year old mother, grandmother and angel to all those who cross her path. She is currently in dire need of hip replacement surgery to be able to walk again and look after her 94 year old mother who needs around the clock care. She would also love to spend quality time with her grandson. Not only has her condition caused her to be unable to walk, but she has to deal with severe pain on a daily basis. Elbie still has to take care of a family of 5 on a daily basis, cook and clean, even though her mobility has been affected. Any donations toward this much needed surgery would be highly appreciated and get us closer to getting her the help she needs!

All donations are non-refundable and go directly towards this much needed surgery. If you have any questions or are able to assist with promotion at events please feel free to contact me on [email protected]

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