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The Red Balloon - Cradle of Creativity

Fri Aug 25, 10:00 - Fri Aug 25, 15:45

National Children's Theatre


"The Red Balloon" tells the story of the grumpy old man celebrating his birthday alone when a magical balloon appears at his window. Initially set in his solitary ways, everything changes for him as he is compelled to share his home with this lively balloon, which playfully coaxes him out of his grumpiness.

Combining the imaginative power of play with elements of mime, clowning, and more, "The Red Balloon" is a dialogue-free, one-performer show from the National Children’s Theatre, that presents a series of comical and touching moments. The old man and the balloon explore the power of friendship, demonstrating that companionship can be found anywhere with a little imagination and acceptance.

The play was a Gold Ovation Award Winner at this year’s National Arts Festival. Recommended for audiences aged 2 years and older, "The Red Balloon” was written by Barry Kornhauser, an award-winning playwright, director, and educator known for his significant contributions to enriching children's culture.

The role of the grumpy old man is brilliantly portrayed by the supremely talented Craig Morris, who was nominated for a Naledi Theatre award for Best Actor in a children's play earlier this year. Craig Morris is a multi-award-winning actor, including accolades such as the Lourie, Naledi, Fleur Du Cap, Standard Bank Ovations, Mec Dance, and Vita awards. The piece is directed by another award-winning artist, Toni Morkel with music by Tony Bentel.

Filled with physical comedy that will charm and delight audiences of all ages, this award-winning play showcases how companionship can emerge from the most unexpected places. Children will enjoy interacting with the old man and the balloon, and they are in for a riotous laugh. They will leave the show completely charmed by the old man and the red balloon.


Produced by: National Children’s Theatre

Directed by: Toni Morkel

Written by: Barry Kornhauser

Designed by: Lisa Younger

Music by: Tony Bentel

Performed by: Craig Morris

Photos by: Rebecca Hearfield

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The Red Balloon - Cradle of Creativity
National Children's Theatre
3 Junction Ave, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193
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