Future of HR Summit 2023

Wed Nov 22, 08:00 - Thu Nov 23, 17:00

The Maslow Hotel


The Future of HR Summit has quickly built up credibility as Southern Africa’s premier platform for articulating the fundamentals of human capital management at all levels, while unpacking the latest implications of digital disruption on the industry. It scrutinises the changing job descriptions of HR professionals and showcases the industry’s ongoing, innovation-led evolution. But what makes it unique?

After all, a lot of global HR conferences talk about the future of HR. The robots are coming, they warn us. Virtual reality is the new reality. Everything online. Chat bots. Data is going to be… well… big. It’s fascinating if frustrating for the average HR practitioner, who comes away with little clarity on how to get to this future; having spent X in company funds to be at the event. You return to your desk, trying to catch up on the 3 days of work missed and no less perplexed by it all; still sifting through traditional printed CVs and entering names on Excel sheets, while waiting for the rap of aluminium knuckles on the door.

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