'Your body is your instrument': A series of Yoga/Singing workshops to help you explore and find your voice

Sun Jul 23, 09:30 - Sun Oct 1, 12:30

Chiesa di Pazzo Lupi, Melville



“Our body is an instrument – it is our job to keep the instrument well- tuned and to listen to the voice of truth moving through us.” Anodea Judith


We are all communicating all the time, but how can we work towards more conscious communication with ourselves and others while resonating coherence and truth?  


Each of our fun, joyful workshops combine listening, creativity and harmonizing through movement, play and song to explore this process. We invite you to join us on an embodied sound journey to yourself. We have designed a trio of workshops that will take you on this journey of discovery through yoga practice and voice training with the intention of unlocking the creative and generative relationship between your voice and the natural abundant rhythms of your own body. We want to help you activate your generative breath and fire up your spirit. We want you to be humming your tune and singing your song. We want you to find your voice.


You can drop in on individual workshops or sign up for all three. Don’t be scared if you don’t know how to sing or haven’t practiced yoga before – we are all in it together. 


 Our workshops are 3 hours long.

Please bring own yoga mats.

Your hosts:

Aspasia Karras found her voice in a dream.

Quite literally. I woke up and had a fully formed column in my head and quickly put it down on the page. It became the first of many in my long career in the media as an editor at Elle, The Times, Marie Claire, and the Sunday Times. I am blessed to give voice to my thoughts with two weekly columns in the Sunday Times, whilst I have been on a journey to deepen my yoga and mindfulness practice (I am a YA 200 qualified teacher). I sing every Sunday with the glorious Ziza. I believe that singing and yoga are a powerful way to integrate the mind and the body and heal our spirits through these joyful vibrations.

Ziza Muftic’s musical upbringing started as a Western classical violin player, then a classical singer. Today, her main form of expression lies in jazz vocals, composition and music education. Ziza sings in many different languages, English, Croatian, Hungarian, Portuguese, isiXhosa and isiZulu. She has over 30 years of teaching experience.

I feel incredibly lucky to have been given the path in music. This journey has opened endless possibilities to learn and expand not only as a musician but as a woman. It gives me equal pleasure to impart knowledge to others. 

Seasoned broadcaster Brenda Sisane loves the art of dialogue, which she does with passion and flair. As a champion of mental fitness, she is committed to demystifying conditions such as dyslexia using the arts and considers this series as a pathway to communicate things we can not articulate in everyday language. She is widely recognised as a facilitator of groundbreaking conversations and enjoys traveling to learn about other cultures.

Safe parking is available on premises.


'Your body is your instrument': A series of Yoga/Singing workshops to help you explore and find your voice
Chiesa di Pazzo Lupi, Melville
34 4th Ave, Melville, Johannesburg, 2109
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