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Love Life Festival Meet & Greet with Live music by the Kelkasso Project

Fri Apr 26, 15:30 - Fri Apr 26, 18:30

The Blend


Indulge in an enchanting evening of connection and celebration at the Love Life Festival's Welcome Drinks and Mingle event, commencing at 3:30pm on April 26, 2024, at the exquisite venue known as The Blend. As you step into this vibrant gathering, you'll be serenaded by the soulful melodies of the Kelkasso Project whose captivating vocals and heartfelt compositions will set the perfect ambiance for the festivities.

Allow the warm embrace of the Love Life Festival to envelop you as you mingle with fellow attendees, forging new connections and fostering a sense of unity within the LGBTQAI+ community and its allies. Savor delectable refreshments that will be on sale specially crafted for this occasion, delighting your senses as you embark on an evening filled with joy, laughter, and shared experiences.

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusivity, where authenticity is celebrated and diversity thrives. The Welcome Drinks and Mingle event is the ideal opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, forge friendships, and bask in the uplifting energy that permeates the Love Life Festival.

Join us at The Blend on October 13th as we raise our glasses, clink togetherness, and embark on a memorable journey of love, acceptance, and unity. Let Kelkasso's melodic tunes be the soundtrack to an unforgettable evening, where the bonds we form and the memories we create will resonate long after the festival concludes.


Love Life Festival Meet & Greet with Live music by the Kelkasso Project
The Blend
46 Voortrekker St, Mcgregor, McGregor, 6708
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