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Vision 2024 - Unlock the Power of Focus for 2024

Sat Feb 24, 08:00 - Sat Feb 24, 14:00

Casablanca Manor Wedding, Function and Conference Venue


Vision 2024 Workshop Overview: Transformative Journey to Success

Unlock Your Success in 2024: Are you navigating the unpredictable currents of 2024, seeking the keys to resilience and success? I resonate with you. As we stand at the crossroads of challenges and opportunities, two guiding principles—Discipline and Intention—become our steadfast allies in the transformative journey ahead.

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The Pain Point: Navigating Uncharted Waters

Maintaining a course can feel like an insurmountable challenge amid uncertainties and disruptions. That's why I've anchored my approach on the principles of Discipline and Intention, aligning with the spirit of Vision 2024.

The Solution: Discipline and Intention as Guiding Stars

Discipline, more than rules, is a culture that fosters consistency, accountability, and perseverance. It's about adhering to structured processes, staying true to timelines, and addressing challenges proactively. Intention, on the other hand, is the compass guiding every action toward the core values and goals that define our mission.

Testimonial: Join us to Hear from Those Who've Found the Way

The transformative power of Discipline and Intention is not just theoretical; it's proven in the success stories of those who've aligned themselves with these guiding stars. 

Call to Action: Join the Vision 2024 Workshop

Ready to chart your course for unparalleled success in 2024? I invite you to join me and like-minded individuals on Saturday, 24th February 2024, from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm at Casablanca Manor. This workshop is not just about principles; it's about practical application and unlocking your unique path to success.

Food and Beverages

You will not go hungry! Coffee, tea and rusks will be served on arrival. Scones, butter, jam and cheese will be served at the break and a delicious lunch will be served during the breakaway together with a soft drink. (Any other beverages are for the delegate's cost)

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Take advantage of this opportunity to delve deeper into the transformative power of Discipline and Intention. Let's align ourselves with the vision and embark on a journey that propels us toward unparalleled success in 2024.

The Agenda for the Workshop

The agenda for the event is as follows:

Welcome and Connection

Join us for a day of inspiration and transformation! We'll start by extending a warm welcome to all delegates and inviting you to join our exclusive WhatsApp group, creating a community of like-minded individuals embarking on this transformative journey together.

Roundtable Introduction

Get ready to dive in! We'll begin with a roundtable introduction, setting expectations and exploring the themes of Survival, Success, and Significance. It's about aligning ourselves with the Vision 2024 ethos and connecting with the collective purpose.

Life Energy Assessment

Each delegate will be able to participate in a Life Energy Assessment, a powerful tool designed to uncover insights and pave the way for personal and professional growth.

Stress Exercise - Letting Go

Experience a stress-relieving exercise to help you let go of what no longer serves you. This session not only aids personal well-being but opens the door to valuable upsell opportunities for further exploration.

Establish Your Position - Circle of Life

We'll present the Circle of Life and guide you on using this framework to establish your position in the journey. Engage with the Circle of Life Questionnaire over tea and coffee, setting the stage for self-reflection and awareness.

Take Delegates on a Journey

Embark on a guided journey, exploring the nuances of determining your destination. This sets the scene for a deeper dive into exercises designed to prepare your plan, including an imaginative trip to space!

Breakout Groups - Plan Development

Break into groups of three, collaborating with individuals you may not know. During brunch, each group will work on developing their plan, ensuring a mix of perspectives and creativity.

Plan Presentation - Group Showcase

Each group will present their crafted plans, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights. Learn from diverse perspectives and discover epracticalways to implement a plan.

Recording and Measuring Success

Explore strategies for effectively recording and measuring success, accompanied by associated rewards. Understand the importance of tracking progress and celebrating achievements.

KPI Calculation - Upsell Opportunity

Delve into calculating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), offering an upsell opportunity for those seeking personalised insights and strategies.

Expectations Review

Go through individual expectations, ticking off accomplishments and setting the stage for a collective reflection.

Roundtable Feedback

Hear insights and feedback from each individual during a roundtable session. Share your experiences, discoveries, and key takeaways.

Thank You

Express gratitude for the enriching day and invite delegates to sign up for exclusive offers, ensuring the journey continues beyond the workshop.

Join us for a day of transformation and empowerment! 

Let Vision 2024 be the catalyst for your journey to success!


Vision 2024 - Unlock the Power of Focus for 2024
Casablanca Manor Wedding, Function and Conference Venue
Plot 121 Donkerhoek, Pretoria, 1001
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