No under 18s

Purely Pretoria Winter Beer Mile

Sat Jul 1, 14:00 - Sat Jul 1, 16:00

Hazeldean Brewing Co. Taproom


Four beers, one mile.

This is not just any mile, nor any four beers, This Beer Mile will take you places not many people have been before, it will most certainly be our most epic beer mile YET!

Enter The Purely Pretoria Winter Beer Mile 2023:

An epic race that has contestants with different skill sets but with a level playing field. Which contestant will you be?

1) The Ultra Runner - Running Fit, beer.. well... unfit. They might make a 3:40/Km but, lets add a beer (or four) to that mile, and the playing field is leveled.

2) The Daily Runner - Running fit-ish, beer lover. Your weekly run is done between 6:00 and 7:30 per Km, followed by a few beers. Now, lets turn the beer and run order around and see how you do? Playing field.. leveled.

3) Non runner, Beer Lover. Your beer drinking skills are on par with the ultra runners running skills, but you aren't quite sure what running is.

Let's give you a beer and make you move as fast as possible to the next beer (not run).. playing field.. leveled.

The Beer Mile is a race matching beer drinking skills and running skills.

You will need to drink a beer then run 400m to your next beer. Repeat four times.

4 Beers, 1 Mile.

Hazeldean Brewing Co, Your local brewery, will be fueling you as you go. They have award winning craft beer, thus you wont disappoint.

Registration opens at 13:00 and closes at 13:50.

The start time is 14h00 at the Hazeldean Brewing Co. Taproom. Grab a bite before, after or both :)

Ready, Set, BEER!

- Date: 1 July Registration at 13:00 for a 14:00 start.

- Venue: Cowhouse

- Entry Fee is R240 pp.

- Entry includes 4 x Craft Beers, a route that has never been run before

- Prizes for best dressed and top contenders.

- No under 18's.


Purely Pretoria Winter Beer Mile
Hazeldean Brewing Co. Taproom
Ridge Rd Extension, Hazeldean, Pretoria, 0081
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