Cape Town Squad International Film Festival 2023 "THE FUTURE OF FILM"

Sat Nov 11, 09:00 - Sat Nov 11, 22:00

Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel Rooftop Cinema


CAPE TOWN SQUAD presents the 2nd annual Cape Town Squad International Film Festival hosted by Jacques Adriaanse and Natasha Mayet. The IMDB approved indie film festival will take place in November 2023 at the Grand Daddy Hotel in Cape Town. 

Sponsored by Photo Hire and the Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel, the theme this year is The Future of Film, including a new category for AI films.

The festival will open with a series of industry talks. The screening of selected films will be followed by in person and virtual Q/As with local and international filmmakers.

Date: November 11th Saturday

Where: Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel

Schedule: 9 AM - 6 PM Screenings and panel discussions (Indoors, Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel)

6:30 PM-10PM Nominated film screenings Q/As and Awards ceremony (Grand Daddy Rooftop Cinema)

Tickets: Full day pass R250 Evening pass R150

Registration opens 9AM (bottomless coffee 9AM-11AM)

9AM registration

9:30AM Festival opening with Jacques Adriaanse and Natasha Mayet

10AM -10:45 AM Industry Panel with FilmScape: The Future of Filmmaking Technology

11AM-12PM – Film SCREENING BLOCK A & filmmaker Q&A's

12PM-12:45PM Grab delicious lunch @The Grand Daddy

1PM-1:45PM The Future of Authentic Story Telling with nominated Female Filmmakers Charlene Brouwer (Dis Ek Anna), Paula Zapata (Officially Selected Film for Berlin Fashion Film Festival), Sibongile Mlambo (Actor/Producer known for Teen Wolf, Lost in Space, and Florida Man) and

2PM-2:45PM Setting yourself apart as a professional Actor

3PM-3:30PM Independent Directors Association Africa(IDAA): The Future of Sustainable Directors

3:30PM-4PM Becoming a Nominated Editor: A panel discussion with Silwerskerm Nominated Editor Mizo Mclean and producers of Blokke

4PM-5PM Film Screening Block B - SCIFI & AI 

5PM-5:45PM AI shorts EMORY and GAIA RISING and panel discussion with award winning sci-fi writer/director Darion D'Anjou (USA) and James Maynard (USA)

6:30PM-9:30PM Nominated films screenings and Q/As with filmmakers

9:30PM-10PM Awards announcement and closing.


Block A 11AM-12PM

AND SO I BEGIN directed by Margarethe Baillou (USA)

A semi-animated short film. Margarethe Baillou is an award-winning filmmaker known for Call Me by Your Name (2017).

HOLE directed by AMIRALI MASOMI FAR (Iran)

A one take film that follows two people walking into the woods to end a life.


A young woman journeys through the forest, while battling her past.

CLICK CLICK BANG directed by Heinrich Botha (South Africa)

A Bonnie and Clyde type couple's car breaks down after a successful job - and with it their relationship as well.


ENTROPY directed by Dan Chen (USA)

In the course of conducting experiments on memory and time during the pandemic, a lovesick scientist with a morbid fear of rejection, makes an unexpected connection.

TECH SUPPORT directed by Carl Hansen (USA)

A Tech Support technician is called to a house in the not-too-distant future to try and fix a scientist's computer.

INFINITY EGGS (First AI Series) directed by Vladimir Nefedov (POLAND)

An encounter with an extraterrestrial civilization triggers irreversible evolutionary processes in the past, present and future.

WHISPERS OF SOLITUDE directed by Surya M Jha (Singapore)

An AI film from 15 year old filmmaker Surya M Jha dealing with mental Health in high school students and loneliness.


Evening Slot 1 7:15PM

RUKA directed by Fungai Muzoroza (Zimbabwe) FASHION FILM

Ruka meaning 'to braid' or 'to knit' in shona, is a short fashion film based on slow sustainable fashion pieces by Fungai Muzoroza.

INTO THE ARMS OF SUNSHINE directed by Craig Moore (South Africa) FASHION FILM

‘Into The Arms of Sunshine’ is an experimental movement piece told through poetry and motion. Starring two circus artists from the Montreal Circus.

LVCI directed by Brock Gregory Newman (USA) FASHION FILM

A woman wanders the desert in search of a connection to her spiritual self and is transported to a darker realm where she makes contact with another side of herself.

WITNESS directed by Aida Tebianian (Iran)

Shermin is a young girl who is in a dilemma to save her father's life, and finally she makes a difficult decision.


A day in the life of a French House fly.

A SECRET directed by Philip Mcnroe Rakesh (USA)

An one-shot short film of a brutally beaten up man who wakes up under mysterious circumstances. Now he has to find and stop the perpetrator who did this to him, before he murders his wife.

EXIMIUM COR directed by John Kalning (USA) AI FILM

Drained of biological resources, a Cyborg King faces the dire reality of his kingdom's impending doom. He embarks on a solitary quest to discover a new sanctuary.

SPHINX (Iran) directed by Hamid Yousefi 

In a religious family, a boy (secretly) looks at women with a camcorder, and he gets start having a false freak that if his family understand.

Evening Slot 2 8:30PM

DEAR YOU directed by Gretta Sammalniemi (Germany) COMMERCIAL

If your skin could speak to you, what would it say? Through the spot we hear a poem, a version of a love letter, as a voice over.


Municipal Utilities Schweinfurt is a commercial / imagefilm for the Municipal Utilities in the German city of Schweinfurt.

HOME OF HOPE directed by Franziska Heinemann (Germany) COMMERCIAL

Cape Town. A place of extremes, marked by colonialism, infrastructure that grew too fast and the attempt to keep up with progress.

DEAR BELOVED directed by Michelle Hughes (South Africa) FASHION FILM

This short film combines fashion and movement and insists that you keep fighting for your dreams.

SASITSHOTSTSHA directed by Paula Zapata (South Africa)

"Sasitshotsha" is a visually captivating and emotionally resonant short film that takes viewers on a journey through the life and music of Digital Sangoma, a talented singer-songwriter, producer, and performer.

METAMORPH directed by Cameron Scott Hadlow (South Africa)

Nothing is as it seems after a charming taxi driver is invited into an emotionally distraught passenger's home.

THE LAST TRAIN directed by Lodi Paul Inga (South Africa)

A musician who had come from an uninspiring performance in an empty pub found himself late one evening on the last train to get to his home. His hopes of a peaceful late train ride after a long day are suddenly threatened by a passenger who asks him to play his guitar so he can accompany him with his mbira for an impromptu duet.

List of nominated films available at and


Cape Town Squad International Film Festival 2023 "THE FUTURE OF FILM"
Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel Rooftop Cinema
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