Durban QUICKSTART500 Training

Sat Oct 8, 12:30 - Sat Oct 8, 14:30
La Vita Conference Centre


A  QUICKSTART500 WORKSHOP is a short introduction to Herbalife & an Interactive training to help you get started fast with a SIMPLE Plan of action.
  • WHY we love Herbalife
  • WHY we love the products
  • Testamonials from people using Products & Earning an income
  • The PLAN: UNDERSTANDING 500x3+2 (plus 1,000)
  • 15-10-5-1   Why this formula is the bedrock of activity
  • E.S.T.F.U.  This simple flow, ensures that you retain customers & find new ones
  • EVALUATIONS: How to do a simple easy & FUN evaluation.
  • TRACKING:  Knowing exactly if you're on track, off track, monitoring Daily, Weekly, & Monthly activities
  • FUN - Join us for a couple of hours of FUN, Learning, Interaction & making NEW FRIENDS!!


Durban QUICKSTART500 Training
La Vita Conference Centre
20 John Mcintyre Rd, Durban, 4063, South Africa
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