VWS Trail Challenge 2024

Sun May 5, 07:00 - Sun May 5, 13:00

Gardens RFC


Run the VWS Trail Challenge 2024 like Wildfire!


Enjoy the beautiful views on one of Cape Town's most iconic trail runs - the VWS Trail Challenge. Starting from Gardens RFC, the 10 km or 20 km route will take you on an epic tour of the beautiful lower slopes of Table Mountain and Devil's Peak, the rambling tracks of Deer Park, the glorious single track contour above Tafelberg Road - all in all a majestic day out in glorious Cape Town.


The Volunteer Wildfire Services are dedicated to fighting dangerous fires on our beautiful Table Mountain, assist us in our efforts by entering our race.

P.S. In support of International Firefighters Day which is on 4 May, please come dressed up as a firefighter - time to get creative for this trail challenge! There will be a prize for the best dressed male and female participant.

P.PS The first 200 people to purchase tickets will receive a goody bag which will be included with their race numbers!



Please note that by submitting your entry form you declare that you are physically and medically fit and able to participate in this event and assume all risks of such participation upon yourself. 

You participate in the race at your own risk and hereby indemnify the organising committee, officials, all race helpers, all sponsors, the national and provincial race bodies, local authorities, City of Cape Town, SANParks, Table Mountain National Park and the Volunteer Wildfire Services (including its director and members) against any injuries or any other claim whatsoever which may arise as a result of your participation.

Volunteer Wildfire Services reserves the right to cancel the race if the conditions on the day do not allow for the race to be run safely or should there be a large wildfire at the time of, or just before, the race. Additionally, if cancelled due to the event permits being revoked or cancelled (for whatever reason), or if considering the health / safety of all runners, walkers and VWS members it is felt cancelling is the only option, please consider your entry fee as a donation, as we are not able to reschedule the race.

Race Rules

  • All entrants must be in possession of a race number, issued by the organisers, which must be worn on the front of the runner’s shirt.
  • Race number orientated correctly and not covered (during the race).
  • Participants must keep to the designated race routes (as indicated in the race maps) at all times. 
  • Marshals and traffic officials must be obeyed at all times. Failure to comply with these instructions may lead to immediate disqualification.
  • No seconding shall be allowed on the route. Some refreshment stations will be provided however each runner is required to have sufficient water for their own needs.
  • No littering permitted at any stage. Failure to comply will lead to immediate disqualification.
  • Damage to Flora/Fauna or any historical site will lead to automatic disqualification.
  • No unauthorised cyclists, vehicles, rollerblades or scooters will be permitted on the route.
  • It is the responsibility of each participant that he/she is medically fit and healthy to participate in the event.
  • Volunteer Wildfire Services reserves the right to accept or reject any entry.
  • Minimum age of 16 for the 20km race. Minimum age of 12 for the 10km race, but 12 - 16 year olds must accompanied by a guardian.
  • Pets are not permitted.
  • While the Volunteer Wildfire Services places participant and member safely above any other priority or obligation, Volunteer Wildfire Services will not be held liable for any injuries.


There will be plenty of signs and friendly marshals in bright yellow along the route so that even the most directionally challenged will know the way but read on for a brief description of each route. The route has been carefully planned to allow for broad sections at the start to space out the runners in order to avoid overcrowding of the trails and any trampling of vegetation. 


Look out for the water stations along the route … Kloof Corner, King’s Blockhouse (20 km only) and Dead Man’s Tree. 


Safety of participants, the public and VWS members is paramount. Hout Bay Volunteer EMS will be stationed at the start, and fully equipped medics and Level 3 First Aiders / Marshals along the route. 


Route description - 20km


Not for the fainthearted, this route is designed to test your mettle with 1400 m elevation gain along the approximately 20 km route.


Starting at Gardens RFC, there is a short on-road section but you will soon find yourself in the shade of Deer Park. Follow along the rambling jeep tracks, exiting on to Tafelberg Rd at the S-bends. Marshals will guide you safely up to the start of Kloof Corner. At the top of Kloof Corner, continue along the Contour Path towards Devil's Peak. Follow the upper contour as it ascends to the saddle between Devil's Peak and Maclear's Beacon. Descend along Newlands Ravine and head back around Devil's Peak on the contour path. Ascend past King's Blockhouse and rejoin the contour path back to Deer Park below Oppelskop. Descending to Tafelberg Road, runners will re-enter Deer Park at Dead Man’s Tree and follow the tracks down to the stairs above Van Riebeeck sport field, past the Washhouses area and take Serpentine Road back to the finish area where there be some well-deserved cokes waiting for our thirsty runners.


Figure 1: 20km Route Map (from Google Earth)


Figure 2: 20km Route Profile (from Google Earth)

Route description - 10km  


Following the same start route as the 20 km route, this route is designed with the more social runners in mind while still offering a good challenge with a 650m elevation gain along the approximate 10 km route. 


After ascending at Kloof Corner, runners can enjoy the spectacular views and crisp clean air as they follow the Contour Path. Here the 10 km and 20 km route splits (remember to smile for the photographer stationed at the split) and the 10 km runners will make their way down to Tafelberg Road, re-entering Deer Park at Dead Man’s Tree and continue back along the same route as the 20 km to the finish at Gardens RFC.


Figure 3: 10km Route Map (from Google Earth)

Figure 4: 10km Route Profile (from Google Earth)

At all turns there will be arrows and marshals along the route, especially at any points runners might encounter traffic or other areas where runners need to be monitored to ensure race rules are maintained (narrow area of path etc).


VWS Trail Challenge 2024
Gardens RFC
Montreal Ave, Oranjezicht, Cape Town, 8001
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