SENSA Drone Day 2023

Sat May 27, 11:00 - Sat May 27, 23:45

The Obscene Parrot


From Indian raga to LaMonte Young's Dream House, the didgeridoo to Pauline Oliveros and Kali Malone, the water organ of Ancient Greece to the hydrophones of Tomoko Sauvage, the creation of sonorous vibrations that fold space and time has been with us for millennia – a soundscape for deep inner journeys and moments of collective transcendence. That's why, every year, we gather together to make a drone together that stretches around the world.

Join SENSA, the Southern African Network for Sonic Exploration, on the 27th of May to celebrate Drone Day (, featuring live sonic immersions from Aragorn23, Chantelle Gray, hAshtAgblAck.n.o.i.s.e, Kamil Adam Hassim, Mntana Wexhwele/IMAN, Monomort, Nonentia, Strage (Drone set), Sylvestre Kabassidi, and Thylasine, as well as streamed drones from a wide range of Southern African contributors.


Venue: The Obscene Parrot, 177 Lower Main Rd, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925

Time: 11h00 to 18h00: Streamed Drones - 18h00 to late: Live Drones

Date: Sat 27 May 2023

Online Tickets: R120 (limited early bird tickets: R80)

Tickets at the door: R150

Live Acts:

Aragorn23 (Aragorn Eloff) –

Chantelle Gray –

hAshtAgblAck.n.o.i.s.e (Jacques van Zyl) –

Kamil Adam Hassim –

Mntana Wexhwele / Iman –

Monomort (Morten Minothi Kristiansen) –

Nonentia (James Rose Mathew) –

Strage (Drone set) (Brandon van Eeden) –

Sylvestre Kabassidi –

Thylasine (Armin Hensel, Lliezel Ellick) –

Streamed Acts:

Africa Open Improvising –

Aragorn23 (Aragorn Eloff) –

Botrytis –

Daniel W J Mackenzie –

Denise Onen –

Die Fitz Frekwensie –

Ella Joyce Buckley –

hAshtAgblAck.n.o.i.s.e –

Heaven's Gate –

John Bartmann –

Juliana Venter –

Justin Allart –

Kasa –

Maxim Starcke –

Meghan Judge –

Mntana Wexhwele –

Monomort –

Mudbed –

Naledi Chai –

Nardus Niemand –

Nonentia –

Pierre-Henri Wicomb –

Rhéa Dally –

Sokushinbutsu Project Trio feat. Andrea Dicò – https://tibprod.bandcamp.com

Sold Ash –


If you'd like to learn more about drone music, here are some places to begin:


SENSA Drone Day 2023
The Obscene Parrot
177 Lower Main Rd, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925
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