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The tradition of short film collections (started with affiliate parent festival the South African HORRORFEST) is still pounding hard in the X FEST line-up with the X FLIX short film anthologies, giving you short bursts of crazy, amazing, audacious, hot and hilarious short films from all corners and alleys of the planet.  Brace yourself!

QUIET YOU - Strange dark comedy (Directed by Joonas Makkonen - Finland)
ST. CHRISTOPHORUS: ROADKILL - A nightmare on the road (Directed by Gregor Erler - Germany)
NO - A model's obsession with beauty turns nasty (Directed by Guillermo P. Bosch - Spain)
WE SHALL - Twisted religious convictions with dark intentions (Directed by Demetri Panayotopoulos)
1000 GRAMM - A film about flesh in all of its meanings (Directed by Tom Bewilogua - Germany)
NOSTALGIC Z - Zombies! (Directed by Carl Bouteiller - France)
I'M DEAD (Io Sono Morta) - A countryside trip becomes a total nightmare (Directed by Francesco Picone - Italy)
THE LAST DAY OF HAROLD FISHMAN - A man undergoes a strange metamorphosis (Directed by Remi Frechette & Andreanne C. Beaudry - Canada)
BABY STEPS - Exploring a new born zombie's point of view (Directed by Stephen Graves - UK)
BARIKU LIGHT - A man's ever-increasing hunger reaches preposterous proportions (Directed by Asier Abio - Spain)

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Thu 20 Jun 2013 at 8:30 PM (SAST)
Thu 20 Jun 2013 at 9:15 PM (SAST)

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Paul Blom