Family friendly

Gabi Motuba Presents The Sabbath Acoustic Concert

Sat May 6, 19:00 - Sat May 6, 21:00

Wits Chris Seabrook Music Hall


Gabi Motuba will be presenting her new project The Sabbath at the Chris Seabrook Music Hall at the Wits University. The set will be acoustic as this is what the theatre was mainly built for. We will be experiencing her string ensemble and Gabi Motuba's majestic voice in an acoustic setting.

The Sabbath comprises of several compositions by the award winning jazz singer, composer and educator, Gabi Motuba. The compositions are inspired by lamentation songs. The lamentations are sung from the black community. The traumas, losses, anxieties within the black community are seldom tended to and many have to live in a perpetual state of grief caused by daily violent encounters of anti-blackness. These lamentations are considered to be sitting with this trauma, what Christina Sharp calls 'wake work', thinking together with In The Wake; that works and labor dedicated to the repairing, remembering and taking account of black lives in the aftermath of apartheid. As we search for freedom within this life, we need the accompaniment of lamentations as we move about our journey to finding all that we have lost and toward creating new memories and realities for ourselves.