Mental Health & Adoption

Mon Jul 24, 19:30 - Mon Jul 24, 21:00

Event is online


Does adoption pose psychological risks to our children? Research shows globally that children who are adopted versus children who are not show to have more problems with emotional health and have behaviourial challenges. Research shows that adopted children and adults share challenges with identity formation or feelings of abandonment related to being placed for adoption even when having a close bond and relationship with their adoptive parents. This may be the reason adoptees are four more times likely to commit suicide than non-adoptees.

Some adoptees, as a result, struggle with psychological disorders, behavioral challenges, or a sense of “not belonging” that can negatively affect their mental state. Cultural myths about adoption—like that adopted children should feel grateful for being “saved,” or that adoptive parents cannot love adopted children as much as they love their “real” children—can contribute to negative emotional and psychological effects.

In this workshop, the facilitators look at:

  • Research in South Africa
  • Trauma of adoption including attachment, racial identity, & parenting
  • What are the signs we need to look out for anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses.
  • When to seek help and where to go
  • How to access adoption-friendly support

This workshop will be interactive with Q&A, case discussions in breakout groups and so much more.

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