Mystery Ghost Jaunt - Johannesburg WEST Route - 20 May 2023 - R 400 PER PERSON (7pm - 11pm)

Sat May 20, 19:00 - Sat May 20, 23:00

JOBURG starts at Sunnyside Park Hotel (Holiday Inn) for Routes A and B



If you want to stay over at DISCOUNT B&B rates, it is suggested that you stay at our preferred partner Sunnyside Park Hotel (Holiday Inn) which is also our starting point tel: 011 640 0420. They will give you a special discount B&B rate if you say you are part of our event. If they are full, see other accommodation venues here or go to our website.


BRING a picnic basket with delicious fun snacks & drinks !!

Yes, you are guaranteed to see something. No, we don't just do history like overseas tours do. We offer a variety of science, entertainment, history, and some chilling surprises. Haunted and poltergeist buildings, paranormal science with demonstrations (eg: dowsing rods audience participation), ghost hunting cellphone apps, pub & toilet stop, entrance to an historical graveyard with a thrilling visual climax, and more.

The "Jaunt" is NOT a self-drive. Yes, you do use your own vehicle, but in a convoy, like a fun car really.

All the MAJOR important out-the-car stops are performed by your ghostly host, where there are some short walks at some venues. As something extra, there are some short stories which someone in your car reads out aloud, between the major outdoor stops. The other person drives the car. So you need to be at least 2 people. However, it's fun to bring friends to share the experience. Price is per person (NOT per car). Travel spans around 10 - 30km depending on the city you choose to do the tour in.

This is a Public tour, so you do NOT have to be a group (we do however also run for private or corporate 'Groups' on any night, any month, in any city - see website).

(The Mystery Ghost 'Bus' still runs, but only for Groups. The 'Bus' and the 'Jaunt' follow the same routes).

This is more adult entertainment, no under 8's.

ACCOMMODATION: If you want to stay over at Bargain B&B rates, go here or to our website.

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Jaunt: 7pm - 11pm

All Details of this event @

Adult Entertainment (no under 8’s). 

Meet, eat & drink at Sunnyside Park Hotel (a.k.a. Holiday Inn) 4.30pm

Park at Hotel.

Bring Pub & Grub Cash, Torch, Camera, Flat Walking Shoes, and picnic basket with snacks & cooldrinks if you wish.

Umbrella is a MUST in case in rains.

Special B&B rates on our website if you want to stay over for a getaway.

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(2). HOW TO PAY:

Here at QUICKET you can use a Credit Card, most Debit Cards, EFT, or Bank Deposit. You can choose to print your ticket, or have it sent by SMS.


Mystery Ghost Jaunt - Johannesburg WEST Route - 20 May 2023 - R 400 PER PERSON (7pm - 11pm)
JOBURG starts at Sunnyside Park Hotel (Holiday Inn) for Routes A and B
Carse O'Gowrie Road, Johannesburg 2193, South Africa
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