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Sat Apr 22, 14:00 - Sat Apr 22, 18:00

Lang de Moun Mon


On Saturday, April 22nd, 2023, we will be holding an art fundraiser, the proceeds of which will go towards assisting LGBTQA+ individuals and organisations in Uganda as they face an unprecedented threat to their existence following the signing of a new anti-gay law.


As artists ourselves, we’ve reached out to our immediate community—specifically visual artists—to donate work that will be up for sale at the fundraiser. Our call found favour with several renowned, established and emerging talents from South Africa, Nigeria and Uganda who are allies and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.


They include Athi-Patra Ruga, Lady Skollie, Seth Pimentel, P$DNT Honey, Stephen Tayo, Yagazi Emezi and Delovie Kwagala. Kwagala, specifically, is a queer Ugandan artist and activist, for whom this is a lived experience.


In addition to the fundraiser, we will be hosting a panel discussion, bringing together voices from Uganda, South Africa and the broader queer community to illuminate the situation on the ground in Uganda, the struggles they are facing and to highlight similar moves to crack down on human rights by governments in other parts of the continent. It is clear that many are not aware of how dire the situation is. We would therefore like to bring it to the public’s attention through continued dialogue and engagement.


The Ugandan bill, which was passed unanimously by that country’s parliament on March 21, is currently before President Yoweri Museveni. It is expected that he will sign it into law at any time, given his own very public stance, thereby criminalizing the existence of all queer Ugandans with many facing jail or even death at the hands of a regime that refers to them as ‘deviants’.


Like many others worldwide we are appalled at the disregard for Human Rights and have thus taken it upon ourselves to assist where we can.


We are calling on all those asking what they can do to join us for the fundraising event, purchase art and pledge their support for this important initiative about saving lives. Whether we save five or 100—this is a moment where all those caring for human life should come together to stand up against hate, bigotry and tyranny.


It is a moment to demonstrate that everyone, no matter their gender, nationality, race, creed or sexual orientation, has a right to privacy, dignity, and—more than anything—a right to exist and to express themselves freely. It is not up to any government or human being to decide whether or not who we are is a sin or crime, nor is it up to them to decide whether we live or die based on their beliefs or perception of culture.


Proceeds from the fundraiser will go into Bare Foundation’s transitional housing and skills development initiatives for homeless LGBTQIA+ youth. The programme will be utilised as an emergency response to the Ugandan crisis.  


Athi-Patra Ruga, South Africa

DeLovie Kwagala aka Papa De, Uganda

Lady Skollie, South Africa

PR$DNT HONEY, South Africa

Seth Pimentel, South Africa

Stephen Tayo, Nigeria

Yagazie Emezi, Nigeria


14h00: Doors Open

14h30: Welcome Speech

15h00: Music Performance

15h15: Dance Performance by Skits and Papa De

15h30: Poetry Reading by Maneo Mohale

15h45: Panel Discussion 

16h45: Q&A

17h15: Closing Address and Music Performance



About BARE Stories Foundation:

Established in 2017, Bare was founded by Kgosi Motsoane and activist Treyvone Moosa as a social inclusion initiative to create safe housing for in-crisis youth. The organization has hosted 12 workshops and engagements with queer communities across South Africa to understand the various grassroots needs faced by LGBTQ folk. Since then, Bare has piloted a grassroots safe housing initiative that services in-crisis individuals from the LGBTQ community. Now, ready to look into expansion, BARE will be establishing a permanent and sustainable queer place of safety called Gems House, with a goal of providing a skills development program, in Johannesburg that will provide transitional housing to the queer community, and as an emergency response to the Ugandan crisis.


Lang de Moun Mon
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